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Learning Made Easy: Bespoke Content in Bite-Sized eLearning

May 29, 2024 learning made easy

The days when a one-size-fits-all mode of learning will suit are long gone. In fact, we're seeing a groundswell preference as far as learning of the current generation is concerned, and let's face it, their ability to focus isn't exactly what the previous generation had. No worries, this simply means schools, institutes, and companies need to tap into their inner artist to truly grab learners’ attention, right?

Put simply, Millennials and Gen Zers are now taking the reins (want the type of training they would prefer), and obviously, with their choices -- given that the rise of the mobile learning style has begun. But they have their own valid reason: this digitally fluent generation wants a flexible approach so that learning experiences can be gained whenever they want (for students) or they travel (employees) -- something that they can carry with them and get trained as when possible.

You may be wondering how can this be possible -- learning while traveling or when one finds time; for students, elaborated explanations through animations and examples? This becomes a reality when bespoke content with a bitesize learning technique is introduced in eLearning courses. We shall discuss more about these later but let us first try to understand what possible hurdles one may face with a conventional type of learning system. 

Challenges of Traditional Learning Systems -- When They Would Not Work

Consider a situation as if you are asked to gulp down knowledge from a fire hose - yes, that's exactly what traditional eLearning can, sometimes, feel like. This can happen when learners have to go through lengthy text documents or maybe dense presentations, which may result in information overload. 

The main issue here is that such an approach -- more like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole -- fails to account for an individual's learning style. Consequently, they find it difficult to remember the learned information and, more importantly, utilize it in real-world situations. Certain times, they are left feeling as lost as a ball in high weeds -- completely unsure of where to begin or creatively use newfound knowledge.

Also, traditional eLearning can be similar to a monotonous slog through information; especially, when going through a 500-page PDF filled with tough technical jargon; a monotonous slideshow having many bullet points without images, or a one-size-fits-all quiz that is not adapted to the learners' learning style.
Solution: Bespoke content for bite-sized learning (also commonly known as microlearning) is here to be the David to that Goliath of traditional learning -- yes, customized as per the learner's learning style. Imagine information that sticks with you like glue, making knowledge retention a breeze. Forget about information overload as this dynamic duo circumvents the scatter-shot approach, precisely crafted content that seamlessly integrates with your needs -- the bespoke content with a bitesize learning approach can make information intake easy. Whether you're a coding whiz wanting to brush up on Python or a history buff diving deeper into ancient Rome, bespoke content ensures your learning caters to your individual needs and goals. 
We shall learn more about both -- bespoke content and bite-sized learning -- in the subsequent sections and how they can expedite learning when incorporated into eLearning courseware.

Addressing Challenges with bespoke content with a bitesize learning approach in eLearning
When bespoke content is coupled with a bitesize learning method in an eLearning courseware, the results can be encouraging and positive as there are several benefits the combination provides -- explained hereunder.

A. Overcoming Information Overload
The beauty of the bitesize learning method in eLearning is that it slices and dices any kind of complex topic into digestible modules which the learners have no difficulty to comprehend -- you can assume each unit would no longer be than a meal break. The whole idea of combining bespoke content with a bitesize learning method is all about zeroing in on the key takeaways along with actionable steps that make sure passive learning does not happen. Importantly, since the subject matter is broken into small chunks, information overload can be prevented as learners don’t have to understand many concepts at a time.

B. Boosting Engagement and Retention
The inclusion of bespoke content in eLearning turns the engagement factor dial up to eleven as interactive elements become part of the eLearning courseware. These components that make learning interesting are quizzes, polls, and gamification -- something students as well as trainees may enjoy. Along with these, to make the course further fascinating, a mixture of other types of content forms are thrown in -- videos, infographics, micro-animations -- you name it, eLearning got it.

C. Promoting Skill Application in the Real World
eLearning with bespoke content doesn’t just talk the talk; it indeed walks the walk (it is effective in all ways) as it is so designed that learners can get hold of real-life situations with scenario-based learning and case studies. In fact, it throws down the gauntlet with micro-challenges in the form of bitesize learning to reinforce practical application, ensuring skills are not just learned but wielded with finesse.

D. Personalization for Effective Learning
Bespoke content in eLearning can serve as a personal trainer as it can offer adaptive learning paths based on an understanding of an individual and where knowledge gaps exist. Simply put, it can be compared to having a learning concierge, providing content recommendations when required aligned with learners’ learning goals and interests.

E. Seamless Integration into Workflows
eLearning with bitesize learning is as mobile as it gets and provides easier comprehension, with a mobile-first design for on-the-go learning. It delivers microlearning modules in the form of bespoke content through the learners’ preferred communication channels, fitting into their students’ learning styles and professionals’ workflow like a missing puzzle piece.

F. Improved Knowledge Retention and Skill Development
Since bite-sized learning in eLearning makes understanding easy it is not only the antidote to cognitive overload but also ensures spaced repetition for long-term knowledge storage. This methodology also takes care that gradually employees acquire new skill sets and students gain knowledge about a subject matter.

G. Increased Employee Engagement and Productivity:
Bite-sized learning chunks in eLearning -- short, engaging modules -- are like a breath of fresh air. Also, with bespoke content in eLearning, it suits learners’ pace and style, minimizing disruption to work schedules. Such kind of approach transfers the required knowledge swiftly to the learners and makes sure that they ace in their desired fields.

The inclusion of both bespoke content and bite-sized learning in eLearning can completely change the way learners (students as well as professionals) can absorb the knowledge and develop new skill sets without having to stress themselves a lot.

If you as a school, university, or company want to raise the bar in terms of teaching or training by incorporating the above two elements in eLearning then you can approach VK Creative Learning which has experienced SMEs for intertwining bespoke content and bite-sized learning in eLearning.

May 29, 2024