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Making learning impact full and easy for students

December 20, 2019 news banner 14

Education sector has come a long way in terms of use of technology for teaching. Chalk and traditional board have got replaced by digital eLearning board and projector. This in turn has enhanced learner’s ability to visualise and understand the working of real-world entities. In other words, eLearning has turned into a treasured teaching tool, beyond traditional classroom, containing a vast sea of valuable information.

How eLearning has made the difference?

The four distinct learning styles that sets apart eLearning from traditional mode of teaching are inclusion of Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic (combination of touch and motion senses) and Tactile (touch) learning methodologies in eLearning modules. Unlike conventional mode of teaching and learning, which lacks active participation of the students and fails to trigger knowledge assimilation; eLearning blends four learning methodologies to engage the students and pushes them to explore, think, and understand concepts. To elaborate, these four learning styles lay high emphasis on visual and tactile sensations, which in turn helps them to retain information in their long-term memory.

How to accommodate the four learning styles in eLearning modules

It is very challenging to infuse the Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Tactile learning methodologies in eLearning modules, as it does not involve face-to-face activities, experiments, physical exercises or group projects. However, lecture and animations can aid as visual and auditory tools while interactive simulations, comprising of swiping, dragging, tapping, pinching, point and click games, and motion controls, all act as Kinesthetic and Tactile tools.

Other techniques to make information retainable in the memory

To further complement the four techniques and make information memorable, learning techniques to evoke positive emotions and real-world scenarios should be included. Above all, information infusion should be in form of learning nuggets or bit sized, usually of a few minutes, taught over the course of time.

How VK Creative Learning incorporates the 4 essential learning methodologies with LMS to offer you the best of all worlds?

Being in the eLearning industry for more than a decade, we have developed deep insights about Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Tactile learning styles that are incorporated in our eLearning solutions. We develop customised eLearning content best suited for everyone, keeping time constraints and office schedule flexibility under consideration. More importantly, our eLearning course materials are tailored in such a way that it cuts down learning time by 50%; engages learner with animations and simulations; provides in-depth understanding, and offers expected results – all these at an economical cost. To sum up, it is a 360-degree learning solution, which goes way beyond the current run of the mill eLearning solutions, to offer tangible outcomes. 

December 20, 2019