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Overcoming various learning obstacles of the learners with the use of simplified micro-learning content in eLearning solutions

March 23, 2021 news banner 113

When training programs do not work?

An organisation may hire the best trainer to train the workforce on the latest technology or newly implemented corporate processes. However if the training content is complex in nature in such a way that a lot of words in it are undecipherable or difficult to understand, the trainees may find the training session dull and unmotivating. The complexity of the content here refers to the high-level language and technical terms that are used without elaborate explanations and adequate examples.

 For example, corporate training sessions focusing on various work processes or functioning of a manufacturing plant or any content with technical jargon is difficult to assimilate mentally.  The situation becomes more tangled from the learning perspective when a working professional has to manage work with training for a longer period. In such cases, a tired professional may be hardly in a mood to open the training materials or mentally ready to attend a training session. With low attention span and mental tiredness, there is a possibility that the professional may become irritated and give up on the learning based on textual training materials. 

Why do e-learning development companies always prescribe simplified e-learning solutions? 

E-learning development companies like VKCL Creative Learning (VKCL), through 10 vast years of experience in e-learning space, found out that when content is simplified in such a way that it becomes easily understandable to the learners, they not only show a high level of interest in learning but they are also motivated to learn more. This observation was further corroborated by various research studies which indicate that most working professionals find simplified content developed by corporate eLearning companies in India interesting while undergoing training programs for upgrading knowledge and skills. 

How does VKCL overcome the learning obstacle of the working professionals?

VKCL incorporates micro-learning methodology in its e-learning solution to solve the learning obstacle. VKCL deploys the best in the industry experts right from content specialists to multimedia specialists to technical experts while developing content for an e-learning solution. Microlearning methodology refers to the idea of breaking down and expressing high-level definitions; complex models, and mathematical-driven theories in simple language, with elaborate explanations and figures. This ideology quenches the learner’s curiosity and encourages them to pursue and complete the training. Additionally, VKCL structures the content layout in such a way that any information is available to the learners any time, through the user-friendly LMS, as when he wishes to go through them. 

How VKCL helps learners to reap the advantages of micro-learning methodology?

VKCL develops engrossing content by breaking up a huge volume of information having complex concepts and theories into small understandable modules in the form of animated videos and simulations, with a plethora of examples, along with the video lecture conducted by the industry expert. Each module is kept as small as possible, about 5 to 10 minutes of duration, in a simple language so that it is easy for the learners to understand. Further to enhance the understanding, the content is replenished infographics, diagrams, and plenty of real-life scenario cases associated with the concept. Since the learning has to be done through the e-learning solution, learners can go through the content at their own learning pace and see them again if they haven’t understood the content. 


March 23, 2021