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Rapid Growth and Popularity of Mobile Elearning Solutions

March 20, 2022 news banner 202

In today's digital age, smartphone internet use has surged enormously, whether for gaming, online shopping, learning, or other purposes. With the increased usage of mobile devices, mobile learning has grown significantly and has gone from an optional element to an indispensable part of company training programs.

According to a survey, the majority of eLearning developers currently employ mobile eLearning solutions to offer training. Mobile devices can be smart learning tools that enable improved engagement with eLearning course content and more accessibility for on-the-go learners.

Understanding the concept of mobile learning.

M-learning, or mobile eLearning, is a novel approach to access learning information through mobile devices. As long as you have a smart mobile device that is linked to the internet, you may study whenever and wherever you choose from. It delivers just-in-time learning information, which keeps learners interested and makes it simple for them to remain up to date on subjects.

Benefits rendered by mLearning or mobile eLearning solutions

The following are some of the benefits of mobile eLearning solutions:


  •  Multi-device compatibility – All mobile devices are supported by mobile learning designs. Furthermore, the courses may be accessed through tablets as well as laptops/desktops.
  • Incorporates fascinating learning elements - MLearning includes animation and interactive elements that improve retention. These forms include videos, interactive videos, animated videos, and so on.
  •   Provides learners with a lot of freedom — Mobile learning gives students a lot of freedom. They may choose the sort of gadget they want to study on, as well as the time and location.
  •   Allows for the creation of engaging eLearning material - The use of Microlearning technique in mobile eLearning solutions enhances learning as it allows for the creation of small nuggets type of engaging but informative learning content.

mLearning for knowledge enhancement.

Traditional training techniques necessitated employees to sit at a desk and classroom-style training necessitated individuals being present in the workplace. In the contrast, learners using mobile eLearning courseware may access mobile eLearning content from any place they like and whatever time they want it, as long as they have a smartphone and internet connection.

This flexibility enables self-guided training and gives the learners the choice over their learning path, allowing them to learn as per your requirements and assess their learning results. In fact, the inclination for self-guided training is corroborated by a survey, which indicates that more than fifty percent of employees opt for self-guided learning alternatives.

Why Mobile learning is becoming increasingly popular?

Mobile learning is becoming increasingly accessible in a variety of ways, which is making it popular.

  •  Location – Learners may access training material from anywhere in the world, from home, or while commuting.
  •  Wi-Fi independence - Employees may store training for aircraft, workplaces, and other non-Wi-Fi capable areas by using offline mode.
  •  Self-regulation ability - Learners may choose the courses that are most relevant to their requirements.
  •  Low technical competence is required - Learners are accustomed to learning through their phones, therefore there is no steep learning curve.
  •  Learn in your leisure time. Studies conducted on a workplace, after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, show that remote and hybrid employment is here to stay. One-fourth of employees think the opportunity to work from home is vital as upgrading themselves with the help of mobile learning becomes possible.

In other words, working from home is taking precedence, as employees are able to upgrade themselves through mobile eLearning courses regularly. 

Mobile learning applications enable users to access a company's learning material even when they are not seated at a desk from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. And, with mobile learning, all types of employees, not just those in distant locations, may benefit from high-quality training options.

If you are one of those companies looking out for mLearning or mobile eLearning solutions for training its employees, VK Creative Learning (VKCL), a pioneer in creating learning courses, will be the best option.

March 20, 2022