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Strategy to incorporate AI and microlearning methodologies in its eLearning solutions

January 27, 2021 news banner 98

There are many difficulties that learners face to understand various concepts. A learner can be a child, listening to a teacher or a working professional attending training session. One of the major obstacles for the learners is the inability to visualise the information quickly as when they are taught. For example, higher-level science concepts or mathematical theories may be difficult for some students to understand. The situation may worsen if many concepts are covered in a single lecture of 40 minutes.

Similarly, consider the situation of a new technician attending a training session on various manufacturing processes or an experienced professional, who has to learn about the latest industrial types of machinery within a period of a few days. In all these cases, the expectation from the learners to understand the concepts quickly is unjustified until a reliable learning resource is provided to them which would explain them the concepts in detail but in a simplified way. Also, the information has to be taught in such a way that the learners can retain them in their mind.

VKCL‘s simplified e-learning solutions

Considering all types of difficulties that the learners face, VK Creative Learning (VKCL) thought of harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence  (A.I); microlearning and nudge methodology in its customised e-learning courseware. VKCL created various types of academic/K-12 e-learning solutions and corporate e-learning solutions to render simplified and enhanced understanding to the learners. Academic/K-12 e-learning solutions and corporate e-learning solutions were developed after listening to the exact requirements of its clients. The client list includes schools, institutes, universities, organisations and different industries.

How VKCL simplified the content of customised eLearning courseware?


With a vast experience of more than 10 years in the e-learning space, VKCL knew there is no point in burdening the learners with a lot of content that is not highly relevant to the learning context. Hence it focused on providing simplified and short learning nuggets to make the learning and understanding easy. For the same, it used the concept of microlearning methodology.

Microlearning methodology emphasises on breaking up a big content into small digestible modules (module here refers to a paragraph), of about 5 to 10 minutes duration, with less technical words or complicated language. Importantly, each chunk does not contain only text but graphical educational videos; animations; short simulations, and plenty of diagrams with short text explanations. Each module is smartly customised to suit a learner's learning style, pace, and time convenience. These microlearning features not only makes the content simplified but makes it easier for the learners to understand.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I):

Many times, learners have to spend their precious time by going through various websites and combing through the huge volume of information in multiple books just to get an answer of one or two lines. Going through vast content to find an answer is a daunting task for the learners.

Hence, VKCL’s team of artificial intelligence experts, subject matter experts, instructional designers, big data analysts, and multimedia experts had put their heads together to incorporate A.I into various academic/K-12 e-learning solutions and corporate e-learning solutions. A.I e-learning solutions would help the children and working professionals to get an in-depth understanding of the concepts and learn them easily. 


January 27, 2021