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The Meticulous Craft of Customising E-Learning in India

September 14, 2020 news banner 63

Up until a few years ago, education was condensed to the presence of a teacher in a physical space, addressing a group of students, teaching from a set curriculum. There was little scope for one-on-one interactions and almost no way to customize interactivity with each student. But then the internet happened and it changed the way the world looked at education and training.

 Einstein had once said, “Education is not about learning the facts but training the minds how to think,” and that has been made possible by the rapidly growing e-learning companies in India. Major players like VK Creative Learning are making education a more personalized and individual-centric affair.

 What are Customized E-Learning Solutions

 Imagine you are out to buy shoes for your kid. Will all the sizes fit them? And in the size that fits him/her, will all the colors and designs appeal to them?  No, right?

Each kid has an individual identity and their brain functions in different ways. Their likings, dislikings, comfort zones are very different from any other person in the room. That’s why it is important that learning solutions are tailored to suit the individual needs of your kid.

 Modern e-learning companies extend the same facility to you, creating robust and interactive e-learning content keeping in context the most minuscule details like timing, budget, interests, and need.

These learner-oriented solutions are devised to make the learner comfortable with the syllabus and stimulate a holistic environment to boost the morale and interest of the individual.

 They work on the principle of cognitive learning, pivoting around brain processes that help deep-rooted learning through visual images, interlinked thoughts, sensation, and experience. It gives a high emphasis on thinking skills, knowledge-retention, and conscious learning.

Why to Go with Customise E-Learning Solutions? 

 There are n-number of e-learning service providers present in the Indian market who offer course-based and interactive learning solutions but they might not always be the best choice to go to.

 As said, it is very important to understand the individual needs of a student and devise individual solutions for each. That’s where custom solution providers like VK Creative Learning come into play. They use critical subject matter expertise to create content and timetables that facilitate the best possible learning for any individual.

 They liaison directly with learners, schools, and parents to understand their targeted needs and then focus on delivering workable solutions, which are efficient and address the specific needs of the person/organization.  The whole experience is interactivity-centric since day one and aims to support the learner with constant updates based on feedback.

 What drives their perfection in the field is an elegant mix of human expertise and modern technical tools like Storyline, Lectora, Captivate, Html, Flash, etc. They rely on well-trained curriculum designers, artists, engineers, and behavioral experts to churn out real-time solutions that engage the key portions of a learner’s brain.

 They use simulated demonstrations, infographics, games, quizzes, and other interactive activities to engage the learner and bring out their best potential to the fore.


September 14, 2020