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Uniqueness and Differentiators of an Impact e-learning Solution

April 18, 2021 news banner 119

Of late, the majority of organizations and universities believe that in-depth training has to be provided to the learners. However, any form of training is not enough to infuse the best into the learner's minds. The training should be delivered in such a manner that they get a deep understanding of the concepts. Thus, the right type of training plays a vital role. But what is the right form of training that would ensure that the learners have understood the information comprehensively? When the latest technologies are utilized and content is presented in a simplified way, justice is done to the task. E-learning courseware created by e-learning development companies is one of the solutions. 

What is so special about e-learning course materials?

E-learning solutions incorporate the latest technologies so that learning can be simplified and easy for the learners. The content is simplified with the use of animation, simulations, and plenty of examples. Additionally, the concepts are explained from the point of application perspective. For example, suppose a medical practitioner has to learn the concepts of organ functioning. Usually, if the concept is explained using text and few diagrams, it would be difficult for the learner to understand. On the other hand, Consider the use of three-dimensional animations for explaining the concepts. On seeing the functioning of the organ in the form of animation, the learners will grasp the information quickly. They may feel that it’s happening in front of them. The information intake will be fast. Let’s take another example. Suppose a concept of microbiology is taught to the learners. Ideally, teaching the learners using the practical application will be the best way out. Here again, when animations of the microbes are shown for the teaching purpose, learning becomes easy. Different types of microorganisms are displayed. This helps the learners to get a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

Use of best technologies and learning methodologies

Using high-end technologies to render an in-depth understanding of the subject: Different high-end technologies such as 3-D animations are utilized to give a detailed understanding to the students. Similarly, simulations are used to crosscheck the understanding of the learners. For instance, a simulation-based questionnaire may be used to display animated questions. Simulations can also be used to provide an understanding of the concepts in different cases. Simulations can be provided to render a deep understanding of the mechanical functioning of a system. The use of both 3-D animations and simulation would give an altogether different feeling to the learners. Specifically speaking, they may feel as if they are holding the object in their own hands and observing it closely.

Microlearning methodology:  When complex information is broken down into several chunks of simplified content, it becomes easier for the learners to understand. For example, complex concepts based on body organs, pharmaceutical chemicals, etc., are present in an animated video of 10 minutes. This makes learning easy and interesting.
VKCL e-learning content

VK Creative Learning (VKCL) creates a host of e-learning solutions for different industrial organizations. This includes chemical, pharmaceutical, medicine, engineering, and many more. It utilizes technologies such as 3D animations, simulations, artificial intelligence, etc., in its e-learning courseware. It utilizes learning methodologies such as microlearning and blended learning in its e-learning course materials.

April 18, 2021