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Why switching over to HTML5 is hundred times a better choice for e-learning courseware than Flash?

January 11, 2021 news banner 94

Probably you are one of those organisations that considers that Shockwave Flash or Small Web Format (SWF) is still the best option for your e-learning solutions. One of the major reasons for still sticking with Flash may be a budget constraint. Also, maybe, you are content with a mediocre form of animation videos in the e-learning courseware.

This, obviously, means that you may have to ask all the employees to take up an e-learning training course that may work but may not be able to offer an in-depth understanding of the concepts due to the limitations of animation support. Surprisingly, you may be running a Flash-based e-learning solution at a time when support for Flash has been stopped by Adobe after 2020, and most of the companies have moved over to an advanced technology called HTML5, which offers much superior performance compared to Flash. 

What if you don't care about the future updates and still would continue with Flash?

The answer to the above question on whether sticking to Flash in e-learning courseware is a good idea post 2020 when all forms of support have ended for it is “Big NO”. There are a plethora of reasons for it. Firstly, it is not only Adobe which will be ending the support for HTML5 but other popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and many other browsers will discontinue their support and updates to Flash after 2020. So in the year 2021, the companies which may be using Flash may be in for big trouble, as there can be security breaches and a swarm of instability issues for which they may not have a solution.

Think about the major problem this way, your trainees would sit in for a training session but instead of focusing on the e-learning training courseware, they may be distracted with the multiple problems arising from the instability and other issues. So the whole purpose of training gets defeated. Now the question is, do you want to be one of those companies who want to use obsolete technology in its e-learning training courseware due to budget, caring less about the productivity of the session, or a company which would have to shell out a few extra money but want a reliable HTML5 based e-learning courseware?

Switching over to HTML5 and its benefits

The solution for getting over Flash, and switching over to HTML5 for your e-learning solution can be achieved by approaching a reliable and vastly experienced e-learning company. VK Creative Learning (VKCL) is one such organisation which has been in the e-learning domain from the past 10 years. VKCL is associated with various specialists such as content developers, Subject Matter Experts (SME), e-learning multimedia experts, vastly experienced HTML programmers, and other experts for developing HTML5 based e-learning solutions. VKCL utilizes HTML5, the 5th and the latest version of Hypertext Markup Language, to enhance the usability and user experience in such a way that an e-learning solution turns interesting with its capability to support interactivity with high-quality animation. It uses HTML5 in e-learning courseware in such a way that cross-browser compatibility is offered with acclaimed browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and other well-known browsers.


January 11, 2021