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What Indian Schools Can do If School Remain Closes due to Coronavirus

March 26, 2020 news banner 22

School closures have been announced to stem the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) for few weeks in most parts of India. But, there is a high chance that the closure may get extended, and educators fear that children may not use the time effectively for studying, and may not be mentally prepared to grasp concepts when they return to schools. 

eLearning LMS (Learning Management System) solutions 

High school and middle schools can consider shifting to eLearning in India during the current crisis or if extended school closures persist for weeks or months. In fact, many schools in Europe and the U.S, and several Indian institutes have already adopted this initiative and it is working out for them. 

But will introducing remote learning through eLearning, in India, work?

It may be difficult to say whether the eLearning LMS platform will be as effective as the physical classroom coaching. But there are ways to make an eLearning classroom session interesting and effective. Importantly, what has to be borne in mind is that the eLearning platform at least offers an opportunity to the school teachers to reach out to the respective school children, and engage them in the learning activities. Though it may be seen as a stop-gap measure in the current scenarios, however, it would ensure that students don’t forget information they've already learned earlier in the school, and aren’t totally blank when they return to the school at the beginning of new academic year.

How would an eLearning LMS platform be different from the usual online platform? 

Plain website is different from an eLearning platform. In a plain website, you can upload homework files; create videos files, and text content. However uploaded big-sized learning files become difficult to download every time. Further, after completing the homework, files have to be uploaded one by one. Downloading and uploading file by file are not only cumbersome and time consuming tasks but also energy draining, tedious, and a frustrating work. On the other hand, eLearning LMS provides a multi-faceted platform wherein many tasks can be done on the platform itself, like answering questions online, rather than uploading and downloading files. Some of the core school activities that can be carried out on an eLearning LMS platform easily and the features that make it stand out from run-of-the-mill websites are:

  1. Teachers can create text content 

  2. Educators can create videos with subtitles 

  3. Fine tune and do editing of videos

  4. Render special effects to a video

  5. Create assignments

  6. Prepare quizzes

  7. Develop documentation 

  8. Mark attendance and send it to parents

  9. Track progress of the children

How schools in India can create an eLearning LMS platform?


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March 26, 2020