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Why AR VR development companies are important in the e-learning world

September 30, 2020 news banner 67

Human curiosity is endless and that’s why people seek knowledge continuously. A person who is willing to learn often seeks immersive and interesting ways to approach a topic; something that serves one’s intellect in a challenging yet friendly manner. That’s where AR & VR play a massive role -- in making educational content more interactive, more dynamic, and more realistic. There are a number of e-learning companies, including the leading domain expert VK Creative Learning that develop AR and VR content for online learning. These AR VR development companies operate with the aim of making learning more fun and practical. 

Augmenting eLearning Experiences Using AR VR Development Tools 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, or as we popularly know it AR/VR, are two pivotal tools building the future of e-learning. These tools help online learners experience the outside world and immerse themselves in situations that test their analytical and problem-solving skills, thus putting to immediate test what they have learned. Simulations, tactile sensors, audio inputs, etc. are generated to let them fully immerse themselves in the situation.

They also provide more detailed analytics in the form of big data to track a learner’s progress helping the student as well as curriculum creators & coordinators to modify the content and experiences suiting the best benefits. More insightful analytics will also help eLearning professionals gauge online learner engagement with greater accuracy. 

AR VR technologies, therefore, help in creating a more personalized and powerful curriculum for the students, augmenting their overall growth. 

How AR VR technologies are helping learners

Learning and education are often seen as complicated tasks. No matter what the age of the learner is or what level of studies one is pursuing, from K12 to higher secondary, to professional courses, it is very difficult to keep a student’s attention intact. So, it is very important to make learning fun, interactive, and realistic. 

AR VR technologies help students approach topics as practical situations and not as theorems. It lets them experiment and test these theories in real-life scenarios. Also, it aids the overall cognitive development of the learner as one learns using all the five senses. Moving pictures and audios are scientifically proven to have the capacity of being better remembered. Thus, AR VR development companies in the e-learning spaces are making content recognition and understanding easier. 

Why choose an AR VR development company  for e-learning

VK Creative Learning is among the AR VR development companies which develops exclusive, immersive technologies to augment the online learning experience. It is the best AR VR development company creating products education, healthcare, and corporate entities. Its versatile offerings include Desktop VR (Monoscopic or Stereoscopic), Immersive VR (HMD, CAVE, wide screen), Collaborative Systems, and Mixed or Augmented Reality. 

It works in close collaboration with all the stakeholders to understand the targeted needs of the students and education providers to come up with best solutions. It aims to make e-learning a more friendly and fun experience for the users. 

Its specialized AR VR development solutions are created by leading technicians and curriculum experts who have a keen understanding of cognitive and behavioral sciences. VK Creative Learning takes pride in being a leading expert in the field of AR VR development for e-learning having immense expertise in the field of graphics and software solutions. It has worked with some of the leading names in the e-learning industry over the past two decades and has proven track record of creating path breaking technological solutions 


September 30, 2020