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Why AR/VR/MR are the best training tools for efficient manufacturing?

June 27, 2020 news banner 47

With the increasing technological developments, new engineering equipment and machines have made inroads into the manufacturing industry in the present times. Though the use of engineering machines ups the productivity and business growth, it also puts human life in risks to a certain extent while they operate the machine. Thus the majority of the companies train their workforce to educate them on how to handle the machine, taking all safety measures into consideration. However the conventional training hardly helps as training material may have key learning points but it lacks any form of practical training and fails to render the real world experience which one gets while working on the field.

What are AR/VR/MR devices and eLearning solutions?


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AR/VR/MR devices: With AR/VR/MR devices, inductees are introduced to a virtual environment wherein they can explore, experiment, and learn about working mechanisms of different machineries and engineering instruments. Though all AR/VR/MR devices immerse the users in the virtual world filled with information, Virtual Reality (VR) requires headgear to be in the virtual world, while Augmented Reality (AR) requires handheld devices such as mobile, tablet, etc. MR devices make use of both headgear and augmented world to offer a highly immersive experience compared to VR and AR. Hence, Mixed Reality eLearning solutions utilize capabilities of both enhanced hardware and software to provide better visual and sensory experience.

AR/VR/MR eLearning solutions: AR/VR/MR eLearning solutions are eLearning courseware created for AR/VR/MR devices. AR/VR/MR eLearning solutions contain all the necessary details and vast information required for the learners (new inductees or trainees) to get introduced and master their respective field through the virtual world experience. To be specific, trainees can be taught how to operate in a real world chemical or explosive environment; deal with complex machineries, engines, and engineering equipment; design and assemble vehicles; artificial intelligence, robotics, hardware, and understand many other topics to create a wide variety of inspiring and innovative product designs. Thus AR/VR/MR eLearning solutions used in AR/VR/MR devices focus on everything the workforce has to deal with in industrial and manufacturing working environments, or to handle any entities or world that encompasses technicalities, etc.

Why does VKCL recommend AR/VR/MR eLearning solutions highly?


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We, at VK Creative Learning (VKCL), understood a plethora of difficulties that different organizations face while training inductees or upgrading an engineer or technician’s knowledge. When various organizations approached us for the best training solution, we prescribed them AR/VR/MR eLearning solutions. Being equipped with SME and industry experts, designers, multimedia experts, and content specialists, having vast experience in creating eLearning courseware for different manufacturing and producing units, we came to this conclusion of implementing AR/VR/MR eLearning solutions for training purpose and quality analysis purposes. 

How VKCL uses AR/VR/MR eLearning solutions for training purposes?


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With AR/VR/MR eLearning solutions, the inductees get to experience and visualize all possible operational scenarios of the engineering world, such as, product design, flaws, advantages, usability, scalability, life span, working conditions, ergonomics, appearance, and many other features. Further professionals learn to draw and interpret complex 2D engineering diagrams and 3D models. AR/VR/MR eLearning solutions use 2D and 3D animated worlds and simulations to enhance learning speed. VKCL develops AR/VR/MR eLearning solutions for manufacturing, engineering, architecture, automotive industry, healthcare, food processing, industrial, safety industry and many other industries.

June 27, 2020