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Why will a Customized eLearning Solution be the best Training Courseware for the Technicians and New Inductees?

September 10, 2020 news banner 62

When a working professional decides to upgrade his knowledge to understand new equipment installed in his organisation by enrolling for a training course, it becomes difficult for him to balance work with training or self-study. Similarly, a new inductee or a fresher faces a bigger problem when he joins an industrial organisation. The reason being, what is taught at school and colleges are theory, and the application of those theories in the real world are not taught practically to the students. So obviously a fresh engineer may face a lot of problems to understand a specialised field like the assembly of automobiles, and thus, he may require some sort of training initially. Under such circumstances, ordinary training such as some videos; fat documents, and reference books are provided to the newly joined employee to understand all the work process. But, there is a high chance he may not be able to cope up with expectations of the seniors. This is where an industry-based e-learning solution may be very helpful.

How e-learning solutions can be helpful for the new trainees?

E-learning solutions are the best option when it comes to training or teaching someone something new. The reason being, e-learning solutions contain a wide variety of learning formats such as video lectures; 2-D and 3-D animations; simulations; PDFs, and many more formats. Through the animations, the learners can be explained how engines and their parts, or other components associated with the work in synchronisation. The in-depth visual display with voice-over in the animation helps a new engineer to understand the exact mechanism of the manufacturing process, as special attention is given to the details. Furthermore, working on the simulation helps the engineer to understand how and ways a manufacturing process takes place, and what are the precautionary steps taken to avoid an accident. Thus, animations and simulations give a comprehensive picture of what is expected from the new inductee, and prevent accidents, as the trainee works on the simulations before operating on the original machines. 

How e-learning solutions can be helpful for working professionals?

For the technical professionals who have to get acquainted with the new machines, within a week or so, it is a tough ask, since there is nobody to guide how to use the machine and its working process. Any manual would only complicate the task. On the other hand, customised e-learning solutions developed by the organisation for training any employee on the newly acquired machine or the manufacturing process would make the learning curve easy. E-learning solutions with high-end three-dimensional animations and simulations would simplify the learning task, with detailed analysis and explanation.

VKCL's customised e-learning solutions

VK Creative Learning ( VKCL) has been operating in the e-learning space for more than 10 decades. Throughout the 10 years, it has gained vast experience in developing different forms of e-learning solutions for different organisations and industries. VKCL has been a popular name among industrial organisations; chemical companies; automobile industry, and other sectors for developing customised e-learning solutions. VKCL develops customised e-learning solutions after discussing details about the products and manufacturing process with the organisation's in-house technicians, and after carrying out various in-depth analysis. The research work and discussions help us to create the exact customised e-learning solution that the organisation desire to ensure a perfect training process.


September 10, 2020