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Why Do e-learning Solutions need to have the Best Progress Tracking Methodologies?

April 16, 2021 news banner 118

When an e-learning solution is developed, the main focus is on the integration of animation, simulation, course structure, and content creation. Not many e-learning development companies pay attention to the integration of progress tracking features. You may wonder what is special about it and how will it help the overall progress of the learner?

About progress tracking feature

The progress tracking feature is very important in an e-learning solution, as it helps the learners to understand their weaknesses. In other words, it makes the learners understand where they’re going wrong and how they can overcome their weaknesses. It shows them the areas of improvement. For example, there may be many students who may be weak in mathematics. Many of them may not be able to improve their knowledge as there will be nobody to guide them on where they are going wrong. This is where the progress tracking feature turns out to be a handy tool. The progress tracking feature suggests all the areas where a child is going wrong and give suggestions on how he can improve. Similarly, before a technician is asked to work in an environment filled with hazardous substances, he can be made to work on simulations. Through simulations, he will learn how to operate and work with hazardous substances carefully. However, they may be cases where he may not be able to properly handle a particular situation when it comes to some volatile substances. Progress tracking feature would indicate the shortcomings and suggest certain options which would help him to improve himself.

Factors to consider for e-learning development companies while Incorporating progress tracking feature

Progress tracking feature should allow the learners to understand the depth of the problem
From a student’s perspective, it should be made in such a way that the analysis of the student’s performance in each month, each exam, and on yearly basis can be viewed.

It should list down all the possible solutions that the learners can access so that they can improve.
The solution should be presented in simple language with graphs.
High-level algorithms should be incorporated within the progress tracking features so that the concentration level of the students can be understood.
The diligence of the students in completing the assignments and performing in the exam should be correlated.
Based on the performance of the learners in the mock tests; completion of assignments, and performance in the assignments, the overall capability of the learners should be provided.
The analysis and the report should be allowed to export in a different format such as Excel, PDF, or CSV.
e-learning development companies should provide advanced tracking options and provide reports based on the requirements of their clients.

VKCL’s e-learning solutions with advanced progress tracking features

Vk Creative Learning incorporates all the above features in its e-learning solution created for schools, institutes, the corporate world, and various industries. It ensures that an advanced progress tracking report offers a comprehensive view of the performance and the areas of improvements for the learners. The report gives an analysis of how much the learner has understood the concepts and which part of the concepts are clear to the learner. It also provides the solution to address the problems related to the comprehension of the concepts.

April 16, 2021