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Why does VKCL highly advocate simulation based customized eLearning solutions?

May 31, 2020 news banner 40

eLearning simulation has become hugely popular among organizations to train their employees. The reason being, simulation offers a form of controlled environment wherein trainees can be trained to handle different situations in workplace scenarios.

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Also, it allows organizations to prepare new hires through different simulated scenarios before allocating them any form of actual work. Best aspect of simulation based eLearning training is that it is an advanced form of traditional instructional training. To elaborate, different cases are presented in visual forms in simulated eLearning courseware which is far more easier to understand compared to instructional learning wherein only concepts are explained and hence many trainees fail to visualize and understand the topic. 

Why did VK Creative Learning (VKCL) start incorporating simulations into eLearning solutions?


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VKCL has been in the eLearning industry from the past one decade while Subject Matter Experts, instructional designers, industry experts, Multimedia specialists, and other experts working with it have more than 20 to 30 years of experience. Thus we have worked with various organizations, catering a wide variety of products and services, and different professionals from all walks of life. While discussing various issues different organizations face while training their employees with our experts, we figured out that understanding is the key factor. Unless a trainee or professional grasps vital information passed on by the trainer, knowledge upgradation or training session will remain ineffective. However the crux of the problem is that understanding happens only when trainees comprehensively get a panoramic view of the work circumstances through their imagination. But it is a fact that a human cannot imagine each and every complex situation or process explained by the trainer on that very moment. Simulations can turn out to be a saviour for the learners in such circumstances. Simulations or animated simulations in an eLearning courseware can not only be better than face-to-face role-playing, sometimes, but also more proficient as cognitive overload on the trainees is less. One can think simulation based eLearning courseware as a trainer which can not only explain but also present visualization of a wide range of workplace situations, processes, or even working of engines and machines in detail.  Owing to the impactful learning that simulation based eLearning solutions offer, VK Creative Learning started incorporating animated simulations into its eLearning solutions.

How customized eLearning solution with simulations help?


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With customized eLearning solutions, organizations can share their specific requirements with us. Based on the learning goals and detailed training requirements, we create customized eLearning courseware that not only has a diverse spectrum of simulated scenarios as found in the workplace but also fulfils learning objectives of the training efficiently. Above all, the customized eLearning courseware contains multiple simulations for a concept. In addition, simulations are made interactive and engaging. In other words, we leave no stones unturned to render a personalized coaching to the learners that makes our eLearning courseware easy to comprehend and impactful. Also the interactive customized eLearning courseware costs very less compared to the instructor based training sessions. Thus with a numerous variety of features encompassed in customized eLearning courseware with zero travel or any venue costs, organizations reap the benefits of effective, immersive, and tailor-made training at an economical cost.

May 31, 2020