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Why does Emotional Intelligence Matter a lot in eLearning Courseware?

October 28, 2020 news banner 74

Not many e-learning development companies make use of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) while creating e-learning courseware as many do not know about it or they don't find it significant. However, EQ plays a vital role in getting the learner to understand the concepts in e-Learning courseware easily. 

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence deals with the emotional awareness of a person and his capability to manage emotions concerning the surrounding effectively. Emotional Intelligence plays a key role in nurturing thoughts of a person as it relates to understanding one's feelings and relating the feeling based on what he sees and perceives. In regards to the learning, Emotional Intelligence helps a learner to understand the concepts using emotional awareness and relate the taught contexts wisely. Thus, it focuses on nurturing the learner in terms of enhancing his comprehension skills using emotional awareness. This results in better productivity and assists to build meaningful connections with the team too.

About VKCL

VK Creative Learning (VKCL) has been in the e-Learning space for more than a decade. The experience it has gained has helped it to understand various requirements of the organizations with changing times. Thus, it has created a niche for itself in developing customized e-learning solutions for various organisations of different sectors and industries.

How VKCL uses EQ in its e-learning courseware to optimize learning?

Integrating self-awareness in e-learning solution

VKCL believes self-awareness plays a bigger role in understanding any information. That is, a person's ability to identify and understand emotions while learning. The best way to relate self-awareness to learning is by asking oneself the reasons behind the conclusion drawn from observation, and attaching the questions such as why, when, which, and how to draw the conclusion. This in turn further gives to the feeling of curiosity and a feeling to understand the concept comprehensively. Being cognisant of the logic, VKCL introduces quizzes and puzzles, after a concept has been explained in its e-learning courseware. 

Integrating scenarios

Different scenarios that give rise to different learning feelings based on the real-world working conditions are introduced in all topics so that the learners can relate themselves to the situations and accordingly take decisions. This plays a major role while actions have to be taken based on different favourable and unfavourable circumstances, keeping productivity under consideration.

Integrating animations and simulations

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional animations and simulations are introduced in the e-learning courseware. This helps a lot in understanding the provided information. To elaborate, research studies indicate that animations and simulations help a lot to connect to the learning concept. Importantly, visualisation becomes easy.

Furthermore, when a learner sees various animated characters discussing and reacting to a situation, he emotionally connects himself to the situation and learns from it. Simulations used in e-learning solutions are based on the functioning of a machine or technology or real-world applications. Thus through simulations, the learner can understand the working of equipment used in the manufacturing plant or a process. The biggest advantage of using simulation is that while testing different scenarios in the simulation, the learner involves his emotions to check out various possibilities to reach a certain conclusion. Thus, in multiple ways, animations and simulations help the learner to enhance the learning skills.

October 28, 2020