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Why Does Reward Inclusion Make Sense in an E-Learning Program?

June 13, 2021 news banner 131

Rewarding learners for participation

Acknowledging the efforts and hard work that the learners have put into learning is an essential factor to consider. This is from a learner's engagement point of view. But how frequently is it used is the question? 

One of the important factors that motivates the learners is grasping capability. That is, they can grasp the concepts as they are studied. Is it a healthy form of learning? Should e-learning development companies use this as the personal success indicator when any form of progress is made? Is it possible that it's recognition that every learner yearns for? 

Forms of rewards:
The answer is, yes. E-learning development companies strongly recommend this to include reward cycles into learning activities. The rewards can be in the form of leaderboards, badges, and certificates. 

Why reward the learners? 

 The act of offering a credential for each learning task or completion is one opportunity to engage learners. Another option is to utilize a leaderboard to highlight top performers. This inspires them to be a go-getter when it comes to learning more. For example, a certificate indicates the hard work they have put in to achieve it. The rewards will be the most effective motivators. 
To simplify, they want to not only improve their knowledge but also have something to show for it. Consider how certificates may be used to recognize training completion and training as an accomplishment. Have credentials signed by an authorized person? This would be a well-known individual, an achiever, a higher education institution, or the CEO. 

The consequence of rewarding program:

Rewarding the learners for their positive attitude and the completion of the program would give them the required boost. In other words, they would be encouraged to learn more or to get the next level of certification. 

How to encourage further?

Consider this, the learner is already motivated with the kind of reward he has earned. Now, the recognition has to be taken to the next level by having instructors share positive stories about the achiever. This would happen in a meeting or via a short video with all employees of the company. They may use this opportunity to emphasize how the individual has made significant progress. How much effort the individual has put in through his ability to make a notable accomplishment.

Learning, business objectives, and productivity relationship

Corporate learners are particularly concerned with transforming the workforce’s learning into increased productivity. The e-learning training is also associated with business objectives. Thus, learning, business objectives, and productivity are interrelated. 
This is the reason why training is provided. 

VK Creative Learning creates all forms of e-learning solutions for different clients. It develops e-learning courseware for organizations, institutes, schools, and industries. Learning engagement and rewarding systems in the simulation are included to motivate learners.

June 13, 2021