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Why does VKCL stand apart in the eLearning competition space with its capability to develop enhanced eLearning solutions?

December 04, 2020 news banner 83

Many research studies indicate that only a handful of employees understand and can implement whatever has been taught during a training program. Organisations, usually, conduct training programs so that employees are well versed with the latest technologies and the organisations can tap their knowledge and skills to get an upper hand on the competition and to increase productivity. However, unfortunately, it is not easy as it is thought of. The reason being, knowledge transfer is not an instant process like making an instant noodle. 

Making learners understand the concepts with a simplified explanation

Many research studies indicate that there has been substantial productivity improvement when companies had invested in e-learning training programs. But having said this, fulfilling the precise learning requirements of the organisation matters a lot. VK Creative Learning (VKCL) develops e-learning solutions which are capable of explaining a concept with different forms of content explanations such as animations, simulations and multiple examples of daily work life. This way it ensures that a company gets increased productivity for every dollar spent. In short, it involves itself in a smart, practically transferable, and engaging training process. This allows a company to expect increased productivity. 


VKCL, a well-known player in the e-learning space with more than 10 years of experience, believes in creating a wide variety of e-learning solutions based on the exact learning specifications of the organisations. Since VKCL has developed the habit of creating e-learning solutions with the special high focus on exact requirements of the learning objectives given by the companies, organisations don’t have to fret about what kind of output will be delivered by the e-learning company. This would enable organisations to reap the multiple advantages of the e-learning training programs and witness the growth by themselves.

How the use of various forms of high-end content boosts VKCL’s confidence in return on investment for the organisations?

VKCL incorporates two-dimensional and three-dimensional animated content to explain complicated concepts. But one may argue that explanations of concepts through animations and simulations are done by other e-learning companies too. The difference between the e-learning solution developed by other companies and VKCL. VKCL puts special attention and emphasis over the inputs provided by the organisation to suit the learning style and pace of its employees. This way VKCL offers an e-learning solution that is based on the exact requirements of the organisation and accordingly, the animations are well-tuned to suit the learning pace and style of the learners. Additionally, the animations contain characters that explain various concepts on different technical operations and discuss various issues carried out under certain problem arising situations. Hence various exact environments that are seen in the actual world is replicated in the animations so that the learners can relate to it easily and understand the work process and the technicalities involved in it comprehensively. This also helps in knowledge retention. Further VKCL offers constant customer care support and is always available for help as robust service support whenever any organisation faces problems related to the eLearning solution.


December 04, 2020