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Why Game-Based E-Learning is The Best Choice for the Students?

May 14, 2021 news banner 124

The concept of using a one-size-fits-all training program is losing its effectiveness. Many schools and colleges have found the downsides of it. One of the major disadvantages of using off-the-shelf or one-size-fits-all training solutions is that they have generic information. They do not suit the learning style and pace of the learners. In the current times, the learners prefer to understand the concepts thoroughly. This is not possible with off-the-shelf or general training course materials. This is where a game-based e-learning solution makes a big difference in making the learners understand the concepts. Game-based e-learning solutions have been found effective by research studies when it comes to explaining complex information.

About game-based e-learning solution

E-learning solutions based on the games allow the learners to explore the concepts fully. The best aspect of the e-learning solution is that the learners will not get bored or feel monotonous while learning. This is because learning will be in the form of games. For example, suppose students’ understanding of various geometry theorems has to be tested. These theorems are initially taught to the students and questions on them are created in the form of games. The application of the theorems is in the form of game-based questions. Some are complex in nature while some are simple. Students have to understand the concepts from application purpose to answer them. This allows the students to explore the theorems and apply them to get the answer. Furthermore, while applying theorems to a particular problem, various options are provided. The students can choose the right option, with an explanation, that would help them to solve the problems.

Benefits of game-based learning 

 The game-based form of learning plays a major role in shaping up the learner's knowledge and developing new insight.  Many learners desire to acquire such new information and acquire new skills.  It helps them to move to the next level. Suppose a student wants to learn about a biology topic, such as body parts. A game can be created in such a way that different parts of the body will be shown on the screen but not labeled. The students have to identify the parts and their functions. The students will be able to identify the parts only if they know about them. Additionally, various questions will be asked to the students. Here again, a deep understanding of the concepts will help the students to answer the question.

Why is game-based e-learning better than classroom sessions?

Games are something which students love to play. The majority of students like to play games on their mobiles. Suppose school lessons are presented in the form of games. They are interesting. Hence, there is a high chance that the students will prefer to play it. This in turn raises a high possibility that the learning will occur. This is because unless the learners explore and learn the game, they cannot play it. This is not seen in the classroom session. Many students show less interest in the classroom, as they are not able to understand the topic. 

VKCL game-based e-learning solution

VK Creative Learning (VKCL) creates game-based e-learning solutions, based on the requirements of the companies. It has been in the e-learning space for the past 10 years, catering to different industries.

May 14, 2021