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Why incorporation of STEM based eLearning will bring sweeping changes in the Indian Education System

April 12, 2020 news banner 25

Of late, there has been a big buzz in the Indian education ecosystem about the implementation of STEM based eLearning solutions in different board’s (State, CBSE, or ICSE) curriculum. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The incorporation of STEM based eLearning form of education is seen as a game changer. It is capable of bringing a paradigm shift in the Indian education system with higher significance given to practical learning rather than ordinary textbook learning methodology. 

Why STEM eLearning solutions in various boards?

India is known as a country that produces the highest number of technicians and engineers. However many technicians and engineers are seen to have more bookish knowledge than practical knowledge. Owing to this, a country like India which has a lot of talents produces only a few skilled professionals, who know how to apply a learnt concept for a given scenario in innovative and inspiring ways. STEM based eLearning courseware eliminates this problem through the use of hands-on learning experience. Furthermore, student’s imagination is improved by the use of 2d and 3D videos and simulations. 

How STEM and eLearning methodologies combined together in an eLearning solution can benefit students?

  1. Interactive technology used in eLearning such as interactive 2D and 3D content and simulations aid students to explore and learn complex concepts at an early age.

  2. With STEM based eLearning , student’s learning capabilities evolve, and transform them from a learner to innovator, with time.

  3. Learners get 360 degree holistic views of different concepts as STEM and eLearning methodologies are mixed to offer enriched information, enhanced comprehension, and well-rounded lessons.

  4. Students learn to deal visualize intricate theories from all angles

  5. Student’s creative thinking and problem-solving skills improve, as students' understanding improves with time.

  6. STEM based eLearning courseware offers high quality education as students apply the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, real-time, and learn through videos, animations, interactive simulations, quizzes, etc.

How STEM based eLearning solutions shapes future of a student?

Through a combination of STEM learning and eLearning methodologies, students learn to apply concepts they learn at school in daily life. The biggest benefit of this is observed when students complete their education and apply for jobs. During interviews, usually, students face questions based on the real time application of the learnt concepts. Since students are prepared then, they succeed in getting jobs easily compared to the conventional teaching methods wherein theoretical understanding may be decent but practical application of those theories in real life scenarios may be difficult to envisage.

How VKCL smartly puts STEM and eLearning together to create the best and complete eLearning package?

Working in the education sector for over 10 years, VK Creative Learning is well aware of a student’s learning gaps. Also, it is equipped with a team of experts working on STEM methodologies, and different forms of eLearning courseware. Thus, it focuses on creating the best and complete eLearning solutions to different schools and institutes across India and worldwide based on their requirements and budget. The courseware is designed to test creativity, problem-solving skills, understanding, and application of completed concepts in real life scenarios.

April 12, 2020