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Why is eLearning the Best Tutoring Solution During Coronavirus Outbreak

March 20, 2020 news banner 21

Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) is spreading fast and it has spooked people around the world. Thus, the World Health Organization (WHO) has promptly declared this rapidly growing disease as pandemic. Unfortunately, with no specific vaccine or medicine around in the market to cure it, countries, worldwide, are struggling to contain it and are tensed with the number of rising confirmed cases day by day. Countries like India, US, UK, and many other countries have advised schools to remain closed for some weeks. So will the education of millions of children get affected adversely until school shutdown continues, or is there a solution for it?

Solution- eLearning solution

Many educators and parents, worldwide, being well aware of the fact that schools or academic institute closures are a severe threat to children’s academic and social growth, are now looking out for an alternate academic solution until schools remain closed. In such circumstances, an online medium or any eLearning solution can be a quick fix solution. However, many times, quick fix online solutions may not serve the purpose in a justified way as it may be done in a hurried way without any plans or considering the desired impact it has to make over the students. Does this mean online medium may not work too?

How Department of School Education and Literacy (India) can help in the current scenario?

If shutdown of the educational institutes gets extended by a few weeks or months, the Department of School Education and Literacy has to look out for alternate forms of classroom session using the eLearning platform. In regards to the same, the Department of School Education and Literacy can submit an eLearning plan for schools and institutes at the educational institutes. This plan may direct the number of days and hours of instructions to be carried out in a week at school using the eLearning platform. This can be in form of a recorded video of a teacher lecturing or explaining a topic, and giving assignment based on the application of the concepts covered in the elearning classroom session. 

Why schools need eLearning plan from Department of School Education and Literacy?

Many may argue schools are already using virtual medium for education purposes so why Department of School Education and Literacy directives are needed. If school shutdown continues, plans on eLearning classroom sessions from the Department of School Education and Literacy are necessary because they are responsible for formulating the National Policy on Education, and they ensure that policies are properly incorporated as directed in the plans. Additionally, they formulate educational plans and policies considering poor families, minorities, deprived sections of the society, and to improve the education rate of females. They also provide financial help which can be scholarships, or loan subsidy, or some other assistance to individuals or schools. Furthermore, they work closely with UNESCO and other foreign governments to boost the educational opportunities in our country. Thus, the Department of School Education and Literacy can lay down a foundation for eLearning classroom session which is reachable even to the poorest section of the society through mobiles using the internet.

March 20, 2020