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Why is the future of corporate training seen to be a corporate eLearning solution?

March 20, 2021 news banner 112

The majority of the companies around the globe are already using eLearning solutions to ensure that the best possible training is provided to their workforce to update them with the latest technology or work processes. Certain studies indicate that more than 90% of the companies use e-learning and there is a high chance that its usage may be increased in the coming years. 

Understanding eLearning courseware 

eLearning solution contains course materials in the form of videos, audios, images, and examples so that the working professionals can upgrade themselves as per the requirements of companies which is in sync with the business objectives of the company. Interestingly, e-learning solution offers interactive course materials and live video sessions based on the requirements of the company

Why opt for a corporate eLearning solution?

Compared to the traditional form of the classroom session, a corporate e-learning solution offers training with the help of elements such as animation, simulations, video lectures conducted by the experienced faculties, infographics, and many more features. It becomes possible to conduct a range of training sessions based on the needs of the learners; especially, their learning pace and style. Also, it allows monitoring the learners’ understanding of what they must do in a particular situation based on the responsibility entrusted to them.

Benefits of corporate eLearning solution from both organisation and learners’ point of view

  1. The individuals who have enrolled for the eLearning courseware can log in to their account and check out the course material at their convenience and time. So if a professional is waiting for a flight or travelling home, he can check out the course material during that time. This way the professional would be smartly utilising the travelling time. The most important aspect of this being the convenience factor is given high emphasis, which is essential for today’s workforce.
  2. The course materials are broken down into small digestible modules so that the learners can stay focused and quickly learn the information.  Each model is 10 minutes long, containing animation or simulation to deepen the understanding of the concepts.
  3. Artificial Intelligence (A.I) is smartly used in eLearning so that the learners can learn and get reinforced about the concepts. To elaborate, the employees are taught about certain processes, and then, their knowledge is checked with the help of simulations. The simulation shows various possible situations and asks for the correct answer from the learners. If the learners provide a wrong answer, then the correct answer is provided to them with an animated explanation.
  4. The corporate eLearning solution contains LMS which is user-friendly and hence, the learners can find the topic of their choice quickly, without wasting time as it happens in searching for a book in a library. 
  5. Regular tests are conducted through the eLearning courseware. Research studies indicate that regular tests help students to retain whatever has been taught to them. The e-learning courseware is not only used to conduct the test but the students' weaknesses are also addressed comprehensively.

VKCL’s corporate eLearning solution

Being in the eLearning space for more than a decade and equipped with the best professionals of the corporate industry, VKCL includes features such as artificial intelligence, user-friendly LMS; assignments and tests; micro-learning methodology and other features in its corporate eLearning solution.


March 20, 2021