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Why Rapid Authoring Tools have become the preferred choice and a game changer in the e-learning space

December 01, 2019 news banner 9

Consider the following scenarios

  1.  A manufacturing company has to teach its newly recruited employees to handle sophisticated and expensive tools.
  2. An aviation company needs to train a pilot to fly an aircraft urgently.
  3. An institute needs to teach some complicated concepts to the students using high end and costly instruments at a short duration of time.

We develop absorbing e-learning material based on your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, plan, and business objectives. Our dedicated team use the latest technologies, such as virtual AR/VR, comprising of 3D effects, multimedia, animation, and employ best learning methodologies like self-paced learning and blended learning to break down complicated concepts into simple and smaller digestible chunks. More importantly, the learning solutions are thoughtfully created to speed up the learning and increase learner’s engagement. These learning modules not only meet global eLearning standards and work seamlessly on any systems but also offer the best ROI.

Benefits of Rapid Authoring Tools

Some of popular rapid authoring tools are Adobe Captivate 9, Articulate 360,i Spring, Flash, and Lectora. Unlike traditional eLearning tools, Rapid Authoring Tools are something which enables organizations to build high quality learning course using instruction ally rich templates containing media, text, graphics, assessments and set customized navigation controls – all these at a lower production cost, consuming less development time. Besides these, other vital and game changing features of Rapid Authoring Tools are:

  • Incorporates creation videos, animation, simulations, and graphics with audio capabilities.
  • Offers skins, themes, game based scenarios, support and user community, and publishing options.
  • No prior experience in programming language is required.
  • Minimal resources are required to develop and deliver to a large number of learners.
  • Allows to develop learning solution in compliance with SCORM-based framework to host on LMS (Learning management system)
  • Allows translation for conversion to the desired language.
  • Allows to track progress.
  • Can be integrated with Social Media and cloud based network

Thus, Rapid Authoring Tools offer a host of user friendly and productive features to design and develop top end course, replete with rich content, at quick turnaround time and low cost.

December 01, 2019