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Why training via eLearning solution is the best choice for upgrading technicians’ skills in the Process Industries?

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Today's Process Industry relies highly on skilled workforce for working on Oil & Gas plants; Petrochemical plants, or dealing with Specialty Chemicals, dyes, Power Generation, etc., as the work operations in Process Industries are fraught with danger, at certain times. Also, working on process plants and facilities are different from simple manufacturing processes. Thus professionals with the required training and skills are always in demand.  Thus, it has become significantly important for various organisations, dealing with process plants and facilities to train their employees regularly. The reason being, most technicians operate under an environment where a high level of skilfully and attention to the details are required. Similarly with technology developing at a fast pace, engineers working in Process Industries have to keep themselves updated with the latest technological developments. 

Why eLearning solutions may be the best fit for training technicians?


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Any form of traditional instructor led training may not help the cause. Traditional form of training here refers to attending classroom lectures or training workshops physically. To elaborate, if the engineers and technicians working on any speciality chemicals or process facilities are sent in batches to the live classroom sessions, obviously, the work in the plants may come to a halt. Also, employees may find it difficult to attend live lectures, as they may be exhausted after the working hours.  This is where training through eLearning solutions comes very handy. eLearning solutions for Process Industries allows the technicians, wanting to upgrade their existing knowledge, to learn  at a place and time of their convenience. 

VKCL eLearning solutions for Process Industries


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VK Creative Learning employs the best industry experts, with vast experience, for training the professionals. Faculties are handpicked from India and across the globe to train and inspire the learners. All the essential topics are covered in a detailed way with a vast number of examples. More importantly, topics are explained not only by the faculties but also using 2D and 3D animated videos and simulations.  The animated videos and simulation are designed by the industry experts to cover all minute aspects of various operations carried out in the Process Industry. Through eLearning solutions, technicians get to learn various topics such as:

  1. Introduction to safety instruments 
  2. How to use safety instruments
  3. Handling hazards and risks with protective equipment
  4. Safety instrument standards, testing, and maintenance.
  5. How to manage errors and failures in safety instruments
  6. Warehousing of chemicals  safely
  7. Monitoring emission levels of various gases 
  8. Filters to reduce gas pollution

Salient features of eLearning solution based on process industry

  1. Inputs from the organisation in the form of user manuals,  PPT slides,  maintenance manuals, and installation guides are transformed into PDFs, animated videos, and simulations  so that the learners get a deep understanding of the concepts.
  2. Both off-the-shelves and customised eLearning courseware are offered
  3. Customised e-learning solutions are designed to match specific requirements of an organisation.
  4. Self-assessment tests and progress track records are provided to understand the areas of improvement
  5. The e-learning solution is finely tuned to suit the learning style of every learner.  This feature allows the learners to learn at their own pace and enhances their learning.

June 22, 2020