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Will AR and VR Revolutionize the Way We See Learn and Interact with Our Environment

December 15, 2019 news banner 11

Of late, there has been a huge buzz about virtual reality and augmented reality( VR and AR). However, any technology can’t be reliable unless it has substance in it and stands up to the people’s expectations. So let's find out, are they just a hype, or something that is reliable and has the capability to change the way we see, learn, and understand.

A glimpse at AR/VR Technologies

Initially, we need to understand what are both and their utilities. VR requires the user to wear a headset. With eye-appealing visuals and surround sounds, the user is cut-off from the real world and immersed in a different world.AR on the other hand enriches the real world with its own visuals and content.In other words, it is data delivery system with detailed content about the real world.


VR has an extensive range of of applications. A new hire can wear a VR headset and take a tour of the work environment. The person can be taught to handle hazardous materials and deal with emergency situations. It can also be used to create scenario of immense stress in workplace, wherein the employees has to deal and handle the work pressure smartly. Storylines on VR can be used to teach soft skills, collaboration, teamwork, problem solving skills, and many more.

AR is awe-inspiring with a plethora of practical and potential applications. A few examples are: Consider a technician working on a machine. He could use AR to zoom onto a part to check it or get detailed information about the parts. A stock trader can look at the device display and make a decision on a stock while talking to other people over the phone. A salesperson can use AR device to check the pointers of a discussion, along with figures. In all the above scenarios, the user has to learn to operate the device effectively for achieving the desired result. This can be done through a simulated eLearning session wherein learners will learn to use different features of an AR device optimally.

To sum up, AR and VR are reliable and has ample scope for real life applications in the future. There is a gamut of ways to use AR and VR technologies based on the needs and outcomes. It can be either used as effective support tools with an aim at knowledge retention or it can be used by an organization to generate workplace scenarios or challenging tasks in day to day life, at the workplace, to prevent common pitfalls and boost productivity.

VK Creative Learning for AR/VR solutions

Being an experienced player in the field of AR/VR space, VK Creative Learning creates a wide range of AR/VR solutions for various organisations belonging to different verticals. Our Virtual and Augmented solutions comprises of 3D videos, games, activities, and simulations that bring learning to life and aid learners to understand the concepts comprehensively. Furthermore, we create tailor-made AR/VR learning solutions from sources such as CD/DVD, videos, images, PPTs, word document, and informative written notes – all these and more at a 40% to 50% less developmental cost.

December 15, 2019