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9 Top Benefits of E-Learning for Students

December 25, 2019 news banner 15

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, and E-Learning is one of the weapons to imply the change. Every year more and more people get connected around the world through internet. With the benefit of internet it has become much easier for anyone to get connected in the other parts of the world.

Just like the technology is changing the world it is now changing the way of learning and teaching. E-Learning signifies the use of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) both by teachers as well as learners.

E-Learning is definitely the future learning process for schools and colleges. With the evolve of E-Learning the way of learning has revolutionized the old tradition of learning and teaching. E-Learning will turn out to be a great source because it frees’ up time and provides much abundance educational content.

The futuristic E-Learning probably includes new and better technologies and platform that has emerged with the current trends. Recent and emerging technologies that have been in learning models are:

  • 1. MOOCs(Massive Open Online Course)
  • 2. M-Learning(Mobile Learning)
  • 4. Virtual Technologies
  • 5. Gamification

The various E-Learning authoring tools used by teachers and students are:

  • 1. Adobe Captivate
  • 2. iSpring Suite
  • 3. iSpring TalkMaster
  • 4. Gomo Learning
  • 5. Adaptive Training Content

Education today is certainly blessing and E-Learning could be the polish that cleans up the duff teaching style. E-Learning brings learning to next level makes learning and teaching exciting.

E-Learning is more beneficial in rural as well as urban areas because this bring the equality between the two different areas in-order to get the same benefit of education without any differences. E-Learning courses help the students with many benefits so let’s discuss some of the major points in Benefits of E-Learning:

1. Flexibility in Time and Place-  Every student has the flexibility to choosing time and place as per their suitability. E-Learning provides the students as well as the teachers the flexibility of time and place of delivery or receipt of learning information as per their needs and availability. It is convenient for the learners and the teachers to be present from anywhere and at any time.

2. Coordination in Training process-  If the students are spread over a wide geographical area it will be a difficult task to bring every student together. However that can be resolved by the E-Learning technology. By creating the course one time and use it over and over again by different users through online gives the learners and the teachers the freedom to coordinate in the learning process.

3. Cost Effective-  Learning was never affordable than now.  Students do not have to travel to the designated place for the learning process. E-Learning offer opportunities for learning for many learners without changing the building.  Various educational courses are available online where the students can take the advantage and complete the selected course as per their requirement and desire they always wanted to without making hole in their pocket.

4. Elimination of barriers-  There has been always a hesitation between the learners to discuss things. With the introduction of E-Learning the barrier of hesitation has been reduced. The students and can reach out to the subject matter experts without hesitation.  E-Learning helps in eliminating the barrier to have the potential of blocking participation including fear of talking to others. E-Learning lightens communication and also improves the relationship in learning process.

5. Flexibility in learning pace- The potential of each student is different from one another and so is the learning pace. E-Learning always takes into courtesy of individual learners differences. Some learners complete the entire course rapidly where as some students do take time to get the course completed.

6. Learning becomes interesting-  With the introduction of E-Learning the learning process has become interesting as students can learn the facts and figures with the help of educational videos and audios. The slide shows based out on different courses makes it interesting to view and learn and 80% of the brain tend to learn more through virtual learning.  

7. Reduction in teaching staff-  E-Learning helps in compensating the scarcity of academic staffs. The information is installed online where one instructor can fulfill the vacancy of academician for various locations where the location faces shortage of teachers.

8. High Learning Recognition- Various courses can be refreshed and kept up to date whenever needed. Without failing to keep up with the new knowledge introduced in the learning world.

9.Interactive Class-  E-Learning promotes active and independent learning. With the help of chart and boards the discussion becomes interactive for the learners and teachers with everyone being online and the learners can clear the doubt simultaneously at the same time.

Although E-Learning is accepted at the moment, it’s not just a refrain or trend that will pass by us in a few years. E-Learning is a simple movement of classroom training to an electronic environment. The multidimensional benefits of E-Learning strengthen any learning program when it is done properly. Even if you don’t eliminate classroom training entirely, the Benefits of E-Learning are of such that they can be used as a tool to boost your teaching.

December 25, 2019