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AR/VR Development Company in India

Explore, interact, and immerse yourself in a virtual world to understand real life scenarios like never before with AR and VR e-learning solutions


AR/VR eLearning Solutions

Creating Virtual Experiences for Real World

Being the best Virtual & Augmented Reality Development Company in India(Delhi) with 20 years of immense expertise in the field of graphics and software solutions, VK Creative Learning is one of the top AR-VR eLearning solutions proving to be the global player in designing and developing learning solutions using AR / VR techniques. We can build unique AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) learning products for education, healthcare, and corporate entities.

AR/VR/MR solutions across India-Delhi are developed where computer simulates and displays an environment through which we can walk and interact with objects and simulated people. We create a virtual environment trying to replicate the real world, both in appearance and in the way that objects behave. This helps the learner to understand the learning outcomes effectively, and apply the learnt concepts in real life situation. There are many types of VR implementations. We have listed 4 common setups

  • Desktop VR (Monoscopic or Stereoscopic)
  • Immersive VR (HMD, CAVE, wide screen)
  • Collaborative Systems
  • Mixed or Augmented Reality

What makes our AR, VR and MR
solutions unique?

Our AR and VR Solutions

We are among the top AR/VR Company in India (Delhi) and develop AR and VR solutions for schools, institutes, healthcare, organizations, medical, pharma and engineering sectors. We create Visual Storyboard, K-12 curriculum based AR & VR apps, product oriented apps, 3D graphics, 3D animations and game based learning apps

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Frequently asked question for AR/VR eLearning Solutions

Yes, AR/VR solutions offer increased engagement and retention by providing immersive and interactive learning experiences.

The AR-infused learning resources we offer accentuate trainees' enthusiasm, maximize knowledge retention among learners, and convey immersive experiential explorations.

We develop AR/VR eLearning solutions for multiple industries. They are chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical, automobile, educational institutes, schools, colleges, and more.

Absolutely, we execute customization and provide far-reaching information on varied topics--thanks to our seasoned SMEs--in our specialized AR/VR eLearning platforms.

VR eLearning solutions offer realistic workplace simulations and hands-on training to enhance the skill development and problem-solving capabilities of the workforce.

Our integrated approach offers customized, interactive content that caters to various learning styles and needs.

Augmenting conventional teaching techniques, our AR/VR offerings impart functional abilities to both industrial trainees and academic learners.

They facilitate experiential learning in a protected environment to the new technicians, developing expertise and acquiring thorough knowledge to manage diverse industrial difficulties.

Our distinction lies in fusing breakthrough AR/VR advancements with exacting instructional design techniques and practical subject matter furnished by our adept experts.

Yes, you can expect 3D models, simulations, interactive scenarios, and quizzes in AR/VR eLearning course modules.

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