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Product Demo Videos

A product demo video presents to a prospect the value and benefits of a product or service


Product Demo Videos

Product Demo Videos

Buyers now have more alternatives than they had in the past. 74 percent of B2B buyers do 50 percent of their research online before making a purchase, according to research. As a result, salespeople must be distinctive in how they contact prospects and, most crucially, in how they sell the product or program. That's why 'Product Demo Videos' are such an important part of the sales process.


What exactly is a "product demo video"?

A 'product demo video' (also known as a sales demo) is a stage in the sales process in which a team member (typically a sales representative) gives a presentation to a prospect that displays the value and advantages of a product or software. The major purpose of the demo is to demonstrate how your product (and its features) addresses your prospect's problems and to position your solution as the most effective way to do this.

Why are product demonstration films important?

If you want to increase your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), you must give heed to how you promote your product.
Why? Because a product (or sales) demo is often the deciding factor in whether or not a transaction is closed.
You might have the finest software product in your sector and the best customer service in the world, but if your demonstrations are bad, you'll have low sales.
When done correctly, your demo allows you to showcase your unique selling features, demonstrate how your goods may improve a prospect's life or company, and provide reasons for them to select you over the competitors.

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How Can VKCL Assist You With A Product Video Demo?

Building a loyal customer base: Consider utilizing VKCL to handle more successful marketing methods, close more sales, and establish an even more devoted client base using a "product demo video."

Branding: You may develop a brand for your products or services with VKCL.

Showcase Your Product in a Fun and Unique Way: Hosting a 'product demo video' is similar to a product demonstration, but it enables your company to avoid dull lectures and forceful sales methods. Instead, they instill a feeling of enthusiasm and wonder in the students.

Look and decide: You may look at a "product video demo" and then decide whether or not to have the videos made from it.

Encourage People to Talk About Your Product & Brand: Simply said, a "product video demo" attracts attention. They are usually quite interesting and capture the trainees' or learners' attention and interest. The wider the dialogue around your brand and the more organizations your brand reaches, the more organizations your product video engages.

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Frequently asked question for product demo videos

When you make use of demo videos, you can showcase all the benefits and features that your product is able to deliver to potential customers.

Yes, absolutely, the whole idea of using such a medium is that your potential customers will come to know about the products comprehensively and increase the prospects of the purchase.

Demo videos can help you to demonstrate the true value of your products; especially, USPs that make them special to your clients.

It would be anywhere between 2 to 5 minutes. But, again it all depends upon the requirements and the message that has to be conveyed. You can also share the preferred video length with us.

Yes, we try our best to include all types of video formats so that you can present the product’s functionalities the way you want that aligns with your brand identity.

We always recommend a professional tone to showcase professionalism and catch the client’s attention. However, in certain circumstances, we accommodate the type of tone preferred by the clients as they know well about their business.

We incorporate all the essential components like animations; audio, and storytelling elements. Also, we focus on key points, and use of infographics and other essential visuals to maintain the viewer’s interest throughout the video.

Yes, we believe that including what clients think about your products and their recommendations would help you to get more business leads.

Yes, based on the plan/package you have selected, we would accordingly add the needed features to your existing product.

Yes, you can share your requirements with us, and accordingly, VKCL will incorporate them in the product demo videos. This depends upon the package selected and resource availability too.