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3D Safety Animated Training videos

Safety videos help to enhance training standards



What is the definition of an animated video resume?

We, at VKCL, create 3D Safety Animated Training videos to provide an engaging learning experience for personnel in high-risk industries such as chemical, engineering, and construction industries. 3D Safety Animated Training videos can be used to make workers understand various working procedures and the safety they need to take while they are working with hazardous instruments or environments.

Safety videos help to enhance training standards. Our company's safety videos cover a variety of topics, including fire safety, chemical safety, road safety, electrical safety, machine safety, and construction safety videos. We also make safety videos on personal protective equipment (PPE), machine environment safety, air and health safety, material handling safety, chemical safety, and near-miss incident re-creation.


Benefits of our '3D Safety Animated Training videos'

Given below are some reasons how an animated video resume can help you to bring visibility to your talent and skills.

  • Presents real-world scenarios that learners confront on a daily basis.
  • Consistently imparts material throughout each session.
  • Can maintain an audience's interest by displaying emotive touches that elicit an emotional reaction.
  • Addresses multilingual requirements in order to reach audiences from many areas and nations.
  • Due to the AUDIO-VISUAL presentation, it is simple to comprehend and retain even for non-literate/local laborers.
  • Ideal for illustrating processes that are physically difficult to view.


Key Features

Types of '3D Safety Animated Training videos' we create

INDUSTRIAL SAFETY: We provide Industrial Safety Animated Videos that teach workers how to survive and flee from emergency scenarios that occur in the manufacturing facility. Visitors, workers, and contractors may all benefit from animated safety movies. The Do's and Don'ts of safety are clearly presented in Safety Induction movies.

FIRE SAFETY: Fire safety is meant to decrease the amount of damage caused by fire or save oneself from being caught by fire. An animated video may be used to demonstrate what techniques to use in the areas of fire prevention and fire fighting. Safety videos may help to safeguard your employees from potential health and safety hazards on the job. An animated film may assist your staff in learning how to use personal protective equipment.

ELECTRICAL SAFETY: Ensure that personnel is protected and safeguarded against incidents that may be triggered by electrical equipment. Using Safety Animated Videos, you may learn, train, and take precautionary measures. Safety animated videos assist and safeguard employees from being injured in the workplace.

WORK AT HEIGHTS AND MACHINE SAFETY: Labor attitudes, a lack of understanding, and bad management practices may all contribute to heights accidents. To teach safety procedures, safety videos may be used. When it comes to controlling the machine environment, proper workplace teaching is essential. With safety animated videos, you may learn about equipment handling and personal protective equipment (PPE).

CHEMICAL SAFETY: Wearing personal protective equipment, chemical storage, first aid, washing of the body, understanding safety laws and regulations of the workplace are all topics covered in safety animation material that may be used for training and awareness purposes.

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