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eLearning Content Conversion and Translation

Smooth and fast conversion of ILT collateral or complex text into latest e-learning format


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Content Conversion and Localization Services

eLearning content - Localization, Conversion & Translation

In the last few years, organizations around the globe have reaped rich dividends owing to globalization. The growth has been so rapid and beneficial that organizations get the opportunity to expand operations overseas. However, with the fast organization's financial growth, it has to few challenges during its expansion operations:

  • Conversion of ILT content into the latest format of e-learning.
  • Language barrier and cultural changes.


VK Creative Learning (VKCL) noticed such issues which turned out to be a big roadblock in a company's progress and started assisting various organizations with its specialized services that included eLearning content conversion, translation services and eLearning localization services. Through these services, we have been helping organizations across the globe in the following ways:

  • To port their content, in the form of presentation or written notes or bullet points, into a wide range of digital formats.
  • Creation of web-based applications from CD/DVD, word or PPT based content.
  • Translation of any content in the native or local language.
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Importantly, the process is multi-staged with quality check being carried out at each stage to deliver high quality e-learning module. Above all, eLearning content localization & translation services is based on conversion of old content to the latest e-learning format in a systematic and efficient manner to make a strong positive impact on the learners.


Key Features

About our eLearning Content Localization &
Translation services

We offer a host of eLearning conversion services, eLearning translation services,
and eLearning localization services, which are listed below:

PowerPoint presentation or paper-based content to the latest digital or online format such as lecture video, simulations, AR/VR, etc.

Toolbook or Authorware e-learning content to storyline content using Rapid authoring tools such as Captivate, Articulate, etc.

Instructor Led Training content to e-learning module.

PDF to animated content

Language translation

Our Video Samples

Looking for the best eLearning Content Conversion and Translation Services in India(Delhi)

What we can do for you?

Online and offline service

Online and offline service

Faster learning at workplace with LMS feature, or downloading videos, assignments and other course materials.

Customized Learning

Customized Learning and multi-device content

Get personalized learning experience and operate from any device to enhance your learning experience.

Instructor based Learning

Instructor based Learning

Let the best language expert guide your workforce.

Upgrade to the latest content

Upgrade to the latest content

Update your workforce with time by converting your pre-built content to new with eLearning content conversion and translation services as per the latest requirements.

Localization and Translation

Localization and Translation

We can understand, speak, and create course material in 20+ languages with our effective content conversion and localization services.


Frequently asked question for eLearning Content Conversion and Localization Services

eLearning content conversion is the process of transforming traditional or outdated learning materials into digital formats for improved accessibility and engagement.

Localization ensures that the eLearning content is culturally appropriate and relevant to the target audience, enhancing learner engagement and understanding.

VKCL offers content services localization through content translation, preparing content as per cultural adaptation, and adopting synchronization to localize learning modules for a target audience.

VKCL can convert content to digital formats such as lecture videos, simulations, AR/VR experiences, and more.

Yes, VKCL can convert static PDF documents into engaging animated content for better comprehension and retention.

Yes, VKCL can transform ILT content into interactive eLearning modules.

Yes, their eLearning content runs seamlessly on multiple devices for flexible learning experiences.

Yes, VKCL ensures that converted content is compliant with SCORM, AICC, or Tin Can API specifications.

VKCL can create course material in 20+ languages through their localization and translation services.

VKCL follows a multi-staged process with quality checks at each stage to deliver high-quality eLearning modules.

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