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Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard Animation Videos may be used to promote a concept, introduce a product or service, or educate people. It aids in the delivery of your message too.


Whiteboard animation videos

Whiteboard animation videos

The advertising and marketing industries have been transformed by whiteboard animation videos. Numerous organizations are discovering that animated films, in general, are one of the most successful methods to communicate with diverse audiences. At VKCL, we've assisted several companies in using hand-drawn animation movies for marketing purposes. According to a study, whiteboard films have been shown to enhance viewer retention by 15%.


Whiteboard Animation - What Is It?

Whiteboard Animation is a kind of animation in which hand-drawn animation is used on a whiteboard. Typically, the whiteboard animation video script is written in third-person narrative. In other circumstances, it may be a use-case illustration that accompanies the narrative communicated by the artwork.

The whiteboard artist doodles graphics on a whiteboard inside a whiteboard video. Additionally, there is a voiceover that discusses certain essential topics. This is why animated explainer movies, like tutorials, are sometimes referred to as whiteboard marketing videos. To breathe life into hand-drawn pictures, authors often use stop motion animation and create animation video material utilizing time-lapsed drawings.

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Whiteboard Animation Videos

Why would you want to produce 'Whiteboard Animation Videos'?

You may utilize 'Whiteboard Animation Videos' for a number of purposes, including selling an idea, introducing a product or service, or instructing clients on how to use a software program. The options are almost limitless

Communication of ideas: As a leading eLearning business, we create concepts, pictures, and a video that effectively communicates your idea. It's amazing to see the words and visuals evolve while watching the video. This makes a whiteboard video a very helpful tool since it rapidly attracts the audience's attention. It goes without saying that whiteboard video is very beneficial for conveying complicated topics in a straightforward and digestible way.

Cost: Whiteboard animation videos are so simple to create, they are far less expensive than you may imagine. As a result, it will not break the bank; rather, it will provide an amazing return on your investment..

Key Features

How Do We Write A Script For A Whiteboard Animation?

The script is a critical component of the narrative process. If the script for your whiteboard explainer video is too long, the rest of the procedure will be unsuccessful. Therefore, ensure that you write the script correctly the first time.

The Introduction:: We discuss the usual everyday chores that your target audience faces when it comes to your company or product. This might be a merchant attempting to offer their products online.

The Problem: We ascertain the most frequent difficulty people have when attempting to execute the work or accomplish a certain objective.

Identify potential solutions: A decent rule of thumb is to highlight some of the available solutions and their associated bottlenecks. The animation addresses all issues related to the organization's operations, productivity, prosperity, and growth

Provide Your Solution: Now that your audience has identified their issue, we present your solution. Discuss how your company or product helps them address their issue.

Direct your audience's attention to the next actions they should take after seeing the whiteboard video. We might request that they fill out a contact form, make it crystal clear what you want them to do.

We explain why your solution is better to other goods or services on the market. Provide sufficient information for your audience to contact you or purchase your goods.

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Frequently asked question for whiteboard animation videos

This form of video is created using hand-drawn graphics (uniqueness) and a voiceover is added so that concepts or products can be explained comprehensively (purpose).

There are many benefits you would reap as a company as this kind of multimedia allows you to convey complex information in a simplified manner while being an economical solution.

Yes, of course, this can be a perfect element for your virtual platform as it becomes easier to present or understand the subject matter.

Absolutely! They are very effective when you want to illustrate your product features and want to show the different types of benefits it offers.

One of the best features is that it has hand-drawn visuals supported by voice-overs that help to create an engaging experience and ensure that viewers' attention is captured.

Without it, accompanying the visuals would make it difficult to explain the key points and also pass on the essential information.

It has a lot to offer when it comes to communicating intricate messages with humor and simplicity. This way it would help to capture the listeners' attention and make products/services appealing to the clients.

Definitely! They can be a great asset for training employees through an eLearning platform in an easy-to-follow format.

These whiteboard animations can be utilized for any marketing purpose provided the messages are presented in the right manner.

They have that visually appealing charm with audio in them which makes this form of animation the best for brand recognition.