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Custom eLearning Development Services

Upgrade knowledge of your workforce smoothly and effectively with custom e-learning solution


Custom eLearning Solutions

Boosting workforce productivity through learner-centric e-learning solutions

Equipped with highly skilled and experienced Instructional Designers, Strategists, Multimedia Experts, Graphic Designers, Subject Matter Experts (SME), VK Creative Learning offers a host of Custom eLearning Solutions in India and Delhi to revamp your pre-built course content or to develop a new learning course material.



We offer high quality custom eLearning development services in India and Delhi and create e-learning material based on your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, plan, and business objectives. Our dedicated team use the latest technologies, such as virtual AR/VR, comprising of 3D effects, multimedia, animation, and employ best learning methodologies like self-paced learning and blended learning to break down complicated concepts into simple and smaller digestible chunks.

More importantly, the custom eLearning courses and solutions are thoughtfully created to speed up the learning and increase learner's engagement. These custom eLearning courses not only meet global eLearning standards and work seamlessly on any systems but also offer the best ROI..


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To develop a new custom eLearning courses, you can share your thoughts and ideas in the form of print out having essential details and key points, or detailed handwritten notes, or PowerPoint presentation, or bullet points encompassing all the essential ideas. To develop a new custom elearning courses in India or at global level from old material, you can share old PowerPoint presentation; videos; charts; handouts; guides; manuals, or any written or printed materials, which contains the required information.

This service can be availed by organizations; educational institutes; engineering and healthcare sectors, and other entities which require e-learning modules incorporated in their knowledge upgradation programs.


Custom eLearning Solutions

Choose your "CUSTOM-MADE COURSE MATERIALS", from a host of our Custom eLearning Solutions listed below:


Instructional Designing

Our team develops storyboards by blending classroom instructions, visuals storylines, game-based activities, assessment, performance aids, and learning content. These combinations ensure participatory engagement and help to retain the learnt concepts.


Multi-Device Solutions

With a vast experience in custom eLearning development services and skilled techies, we can Design, Build and Deliver the best learning elements that work on multiple devices. Thus e-learning solution developed by us, can perform on multiple device platforms with user interactivit



Simulation is the new way to make an individual understand a concept by actually performing it in real time.Being a provider of custom elearning solutions in India and Delhi we use cutting edge technology to create a virtual word based on real world so that learning is engaging & effective.


Content Conversion

With our years of experience in custom elearning development services in India, our highly skilled team make use of various tools and technologies in e Learning space, we can renovate any content or learning solution into latest version and even make it usable on multi device platform.


Frequently asked question for Custom elearning Solutions

VKCL offers Custom eLearning Solutions, including content revamping and new customized course development.

Yes, we can create e-learning content using your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, plans, and business objectives.

We ensure the best custom eLearning solutions are delivered by involving our expert team of instructional designers, strategists, multimedia experts, graphic designers, and SMEs.

Our courses entail real-life examples or applications along with multimedia or animation content and immersive VR/AR elements for a better interactive experience.

We employ state-of-the-art advancements like AR/VR immersion, mesmerizing 3D realms, rich multimedia content, and spirited animation in tune with mutually agreed requirements.

You can share printed notes, PowerPoint presentations, bullet points encapsulating ideas, or any other relevant material containing the required information.

Catering to organizational needs, educational establishments, and engineering and healthcare sectors, our e-learning module offerings extend to various other entities.

Absolutely, our customized eLearning content is designed to perform seamlessly on multiple device platforms and operating systems.

Sure, we can develop new personalized courses from existing materials like presentations, videos, charts, handouts, guides, or even manuals.

Yes, we can blend both based on the requirements so that the learning course content is highly engaging and effective, and this way learners grasp concepts easily and fast.

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