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Mobile E-Learning Solutions

Creating mobile learning solutions to facilitate impactful training


Mobile E-Learning Solutions

Mobile E-Learning Solutions

M-learning is a new trend in online education. It has interactive features that appeal to both the workforce and new-generation learners. Since we have been in the eLearning industry for the past decade, we create Mobile eLearning solutions to address all the obstacles faced by our clients. For the same, we deploy renowned developers, graphic designers, and professional staff.

VKCL develops customized mobile eLearning solutions based on the needs of the clients. We will assist you in determining the optimal mobile solution for training purposes. It may be a training website accessible through a web browser, a set of short eLearning courses accessible via your mobile device. We offer our customers cutting-edge technology and cost-effective solutions.


A Brief History of Our Mobile Learning Service

VKCL's team of experienced developers creates engaging and simple-to-understand mobile learning material for the learners. This helps to boost learners' productivity, educate them in their respective areas, and enable their growth and development for the organization's success. Our mobile learning services provide microlearning learning solutions that enable anytime learning.

We strive to educate learners at their convenience, to assist them in rapidly starting their training, and to provide timely updates on changes. By promoting collaborative learning, we help learners develop their decision-making abilities. We use cutting-edge technology, such as HTML5, to create mobile-friendly e-learning material for our customers.



mobile elearning solutions

How can VKCL assist you?

VKCL creates mobile learning solutions for a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. We provide solutions to customers around the globe.

  • Our m-learning courses include e-books, lecture videos, and audiobooks, among other resources. They are downloaded and accessible on a variety of devices.
  • Modules developed by m-learning developers include animations, interactivities, and character sets with varying color depths. It enhances the content's persuasiveness and engagement with the intended audience.
  • Our courses enable learners to access learning material from any location, at any time, and on any mobile device.
  • Our mobile-responsive modules provide an optimum learning experience on all devices.
  • By transforming current training modules into mobile-compatible programs, we fulfill the need of new-generation learners.

Key Features

What distinguishes our m-learning from others?

Our m-learning solution includes sophisticated authoring tools and pre-built templates. These enable administrators and managers to do a variety of content production and publishing tasks in order to create engaging and interactive content. Additionally, the following are some of the distinguishing features that contribute to our LMS's value and uniqueness:

Course administration is overseen by the instructor.

Mobile apps and social media platforms may be used to publish content.

Multiple modules may be exported with a single click.

Multiple users may connect concurrently.

Integration of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and webhooks is possible.

Video conferencing and access to the course library are included.

What we can do for you?

Online and offline service

Online and offline service

Faster learning at workplace with LMS feature, or downloading videos, assignments and other course materials.

Customized Learning

Customized Learning and multi-device content

Get personalized learning experience and operate from any device to enhance your learning experience.

Instructor based Learning

Instructor based Learning

Let the best language expert guide your workforce.

latest content

Upgrade to the latest content

Update your workforce with time by converting your pre-built content to new with eLearning content conversion and translation services as per the latest requirements.

Localization and Translation

Localization and Translation

We can understand, speak, and create course material in 20+ languages with our effective content conversion and localization services.


FAQs for Mobile Learning Solutions

Mobile eLearning (or mLearning) refers to the idea of utilizing handheld gadgets for undergoing training -- think of it like using smartphones, tablets, etc., for learning something new.

With mLearning comes multiple benefits and this can be in the form of a flexible learning schedule or getting trained as per one’s own convenience and pace.

The best aspect of mLearning is that it isn’t constrained only to office goers but even schools can incorporate it so that even students can revise lessons through mobiles when they have time.

Yes, if you are in search of an eLearning company that has expertise in developing mLearning apps, you can always approach a reputed firm such as VK Creative Learning.

Yes, of course, eLearning firms like VKCL categorically incorporate progress-tracking features in mLearning apps in the form of quizzes, assignments, and tests so that their performance can be kept in check.

No, never can mLearning be considered as a substitute for regular training or schooling sessions but it would be the best way to supplement traditional training or education systems.

Yes, VKCL allows corporates and schools/universities to custom make or create a new mLearning app based on the learning path/goals/chapters as per their requirements (provided they are possible and on availability of resources).

Yes, VKCL crafts an mLearning app in such a way that the progress of the students or the professionals who are gathering new knowledge can apply their knowledge on tests or quizzes, and those reports are saved.

VKCL smartly creates small units of each topic in a simple language so that professionals or students don't have to spend a lot of time learning something new.

Yes, VKCL creates games provided if asked to do so or if it is part of the package -- after all it helps in retention.

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