Learning Management System(LMS)

VKCL LMS - Identify areas of improvements, create high quality eLearning courseware, train employees remotely and enhance learning with clicks of few buttons.

About LMS


Learning management systems (LMS) is a digital platform for learning, and training students or corporate professionals. LMS was designed to find out and bridge the learning gaps through high quality and comprehensive eLearning courseware. It offers analytical data with reports to understand a learner’s weakness and suggests areas of improvements. Some of the key features and advantages of LMS are:

  • Allows to develop appealing e-Learning courses and training materials quickly and easily.
  • SCORM courses, multimedia videos, pdf, PPT slides, and other forms of courseware enhance learning.
  • Learners are not restricted by the geographical boundaries.
  • LMS helps to analyze and track learner’s progress, and generate reports.
  • Learners can study from anywhere, at their own pace and time.

VKCL LMS Platform

VK Creative Learning’s advanced LMS moves beyond usual LMS platform. VKCL LMS allows you to develop, edit, allocate courseware, and publish e-learning content easily. It also saves your precious time through easy access to the content, organized in a systematic manner; train learners with engaging eLearning content, and automatically takes care of tedious work such as grading based on the performance and automatically prepares reports with progress analysis. Thus, our LMS is an end-to-end learning management solution, smartly and wisely crafted to serve all types of content management needs. More importantly, our LMS is super easy to use, rich in features, and highly customizable, made for educational institutes, universities and small, medium and big corporations.


Software as a Service

VKCL is equipped with industry experts; experienced software experts; hardware engineers; high end cloud based infrastructure; best LMS software, and advanced and reliable hardware for carrying out various tasks related to content management. Thus, we offer cloud based infrastructure for Software as a service (SaaS) and other robust facilities wherein we host the customer’s software or courseware on our LMS. We offer a network-based access to LMS facilities to the approved end users, across the globe, through the internet. Hence the end user just needs internet facility with decent internet speed and a web browser to connect to the LMS based eLearning courseware. This helps our clients from unnecessary workload, and to save cost on maintenance related to complex software and hardware management.

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Features of our LMS

VKCL LMS Feature

  • User friendly and collaborative content creation.
  • Quick setup; easy navigation; scalable, and secured.
  • Highly secure, robust, and scalable with HTML, XML and Epub3 compatibility
  • Track progress; generate reports quickly and create course calendar and notifications
  • Upload courseware material onto the LMS platform in any format.
  • Accessibility to cloud based LMS SaaS applications to the end users using web browser.
  • Manage courses, users, and roles with end-to-end LMS based learning management solution.

What makes our LMS unique?

What makes our LMS unique?

Our LMS incorporates advanced authoring tools, with ready-to-use templates. These allow administrators and managers to carry out a gamut of content creation and publishing operations to develop interactive and engrossing content. Furthermore, some of distinctive functions that make our LMS invaluable and unique are as follows:

  • Instructor led course management.
  • Content can be published over mobile applications and social media
  • With a click of button, multiple modules can be exported easily.
  • Multiple users can be connected at a time.
  • Application Program Interface (API) and webhooks can be integrated.
  • Allows video conferencing and access to course library.

Why should you give a try to our LMS

Our LMS being studded with a range of features is a one-stop solution for creating impactful online course material. More importantly, apart from the above features, it comprises of the following options that make learners, instructors and administrators fell in love with it:

  • Simplified interface for learning with gamification.
  • Learning through online chat, collaboration, discussion and Social Media
  • Integration and management of social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • LMS is compliant to SCORM / AICC / Tin Can standards
  • Performance can be analyzed, tracked, and maintained in different formats.
  • Payment mode is secured with PCI compliant gateway for transactions.