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eLearning For Pharma And Medical Devices Industry

Helping learners to understand complex concepts easily


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eLearning for Pharma and Medical Solutions

Complex and procedural training are in high demand in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. In eLearning solutions for the pharma and healthcare industry, we, at VKCL, combine animation and simulation to teach different topics. The medical field has a wide range of difficult ideas to grasp. With regard to the same, we provide a range of 3-dimensional human body animations in addition to various 2- and 3-dimensional learning modules in the eLearning for pharma and medical devices industry. With the use of graphics, audio-visuals, simulations, and animation, we develop highly engaging, interactive, and immersive eLearning courses for our learners.


How can we go above and beyond to make sure our learners have a positive learning experience?

With the help of content, data, and technology, our team develops content as per the organization's requirements. With our help, businesses may unlock the full potential of their employees and embark on a new path to better understand and serve their consumers. Our extensive experience in the creation of 2D and 3D animated content enables us to communicate with our audience in a variety of ways.

With our e-Learning solutions, we make sure that all of the organozation’s employees are well-versed in the necessary training. Our eLearning solution not only focuses on delivering the needed knowledge but also ensures that compliance regulations have been followed. It entails improved skills that make it possible for the person to learn more efficiently, which may lead to work environment perfectionism.

Our eLearning solution training offers thorough training to the employees who need to know about the raw material, supply chain logistics, pharmacists, and healthcare / medical products.

Training materials must be updated and improved on a regular basis to reflect changing market circumstances and technology. With eLearning, course materials may be modified to meet specific needs without requiring significant modifications to the distribution method. This saves considerable time and enables training to be cranked out within constrained timeframes.

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Key Features

Our End to End eLearning for pharma and medical devices industry

The following is a list of eLearning solutions for the pharma and medical devices industry that we offer:

We provide sales training and product training through our eLearning solution to assist the workforce keep up with the industry's regular new releases.

Medical simulators for surgeries and other medical procedures are created with feedback from our SMEs and after consultation with industry experts to help learners practice and improve their skills.

Customized 2D and 3D animated films, as well as AR/VR material on a wide range of subjects relevant to human anatomy and medicine, are developed by graphic designers and multimedia experts.

To create pharma and healthcare sector eLearning courses from the ground up or to enhance your legacy course materials items, we use our highly competent SME network, graphic and multimedia team.

As part of our eLearning development, we create AI-enabled Chatbots that provide relevant training content, alerts, and reminders to students.

We provide a pre-loaded collection of industry-aligned courses that are industry-specific. eLearning courses for mobiles and tablets are developed for Android and iOS to access training courses on the go.

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Looking for the best eLearning Content Conversion and Translation Services in India(Delhi)

What we can do for you?

Online and offline service

Online and offline service

Faster learning at workplace with LMS feature, or downloading videos, assignments and other course materials.

Customized Learning and multi-device content

Customized Learning and multi-device content

Get personalized learning experience and operate from any device to enhance your learning experience.

Instructor based Learning

Instructor based Learning

Let the best language expert guide your workforce.

Upgrade to the latest content

Upgrade to the latest content

Update your workforce with time by converting your pre-built content to new with eLearning content conversion and translation services as per the latest requirements.

Localization and Translation

Localization and Translation

We can understand, speak, and create course material in 20+ languages with our effective content conversion and localization services.


FAQS for Pharma, Medicinal Device eLearning courseware

Pharma eLearning courseware goes well with most modern browsers, mobile devices, and learning management systems, ensuring smooth accessibility

All you have to do is simply log in to our learning courseware using your registered username and password to access all available courses and materials.

Ideally, some advanced courses require prior knowledge, while basic courseware can be developed; suiting beginners’ understanding. Companies can share their requirements and VKCL could, accordingly, create content material.

VKCL eLearning covers complex training in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, 3D human body animations, various 2/3D learning modules, and more.

VKCL in its eLearning for pharma, medicinal devices uses graphics, audio-visuals, simulations, and animations so that professionals find the content highly engaging and interactive in nature.

Yes, VKCL's courseware as per the clients’ instructions may add information related to 21 CFR part 11 and the other much-required Good Manufacturing Practices.

Core features of VKCL eLearning for pharma and medicinal devices include: industry-compliant courses, interactive training material, simplified physiological systems, and customized content.

Regular tests plus assessments carried out through pharma, medicinal devices eLearning courseware gauge learners' understanding of crucial concepts and help to keep track of professionals' progress.

Yes, VKCL's eLearning platform allows learners to go through the learning materials at their own convenience--providing flexible scheduling for working professionals.

VKCL eLearning platform is accessible on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones for a seamless learning experience across device.

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