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Game-based eLearning solution and gamification eLearning solution

Get to know the difference between game-based eLearning solutions and gamification eLearning solutions.


gamification eLearning

Understanding Game-based eLearning and gamification eLearning solutions

What is a game-based eLearning solution?

Gamification refers to the use of game design features and principles to non-game activities. This is done in order to excite and engage students so that they may become active participants in their own learning. Awards, leaderboards, score systems, level advancements, and missions are all utilized in game-based eLearning solutions.

What is a gamification eLearning solution?

Game-based eLearning incorporates online games into the learning process to teach a certain skill or accomplish a learning target. Gamification uses game principles to turn the eLearning experience into a game. Games are mostly utilized as eLearning activities to provide learners with an interactive and enjoyable manner to acquire new information or skill sets.


What is the significance of 'animation in sales training videos'?

To promote better learning, we separate the information between two cognitive channels, auditory and visual, instead of entirely depending on a single channel (visual).

One of the most significant advantages of employing animation in the design of sales training is that the video material is instructive and simple, allowing the learner to concentrate on the lesson without feeling stressed out. Throughout the sequence of the sales training concepts, learners can feel a sense of anticipation as they discover more of the information.

The notion of cues is used in sales training programs and courses, where a character offers verbal information while also revealing text with ideas in pictorial form. It works effectively as a signaling strategy to catch the learner's attention since the instructional information is progressively presented.



Key Features

Specialties about our Game-Based eLearning solution

Immersion: In order to get the most out of an eLearning game, we create a game-based eLearning course that fully engages the learners. If they're playing an interactive scenario game, for example, they need to experience as they can connect to the characters and circumstances, otherwise, they won't be motivated to proceed through the stages.

Interaction: There must be a high degree of interactivity. So that they stay focused on the aims and objectives, learners should be motivated to directly engage in the game via a range of point-and-click activities or branching situations.

Engaging environment: Many eLearning games have the problem of being either too simple to finish. This disappoints learners and causes them to disconnect from the eLearning experience. Hence we perform a tight rope walk wherein learners find the content interesting and engaging too. For the same, we ensure that the difficulty level of our eLearning games steadily increases.

Learning goals: While our eLearning game is fun and engaging, it entails the learning objectives too. We know the essence of the learning objectives in the eLearning content. Everything within the eLearning strategy should be focused on reaching objectives and goals, as well as giving your learners the crucial insights they need to change their learning habits or better their personal or professional life. Hence, our game-based eLearning course is focused on the learning goals to provide our learners with actual value.

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Online and offline service

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Get personalized learning experience and operate from any device to enhance your learning experience.

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Instructor based Learning

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Update your workforce with time by converting your pre-built content to new with eLearning content conversion and translation services as per the latest requirements.

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Localization and Translation

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