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Application of AR/VR e-learning Solutions in Different Industries like Defence and Chemical Industries

March 13, 2021 news banner 110

Research studies indicate that a wide variety of AR/VR products were launched in the past two years and the trend will continue to grow in the coming years with advanced technologies fitted in it. Not only this, many AR/VR devices making companies have been acquired by big names. One must be wondering why is it so? The chief reason for the growth of AR/VR devices is that they immerse the user in a completely different world. This is one of the reasons why they are used in employee training and development programs by the majority of the companies for providing training to their workforce.

What are AR/VR Solutions and their growth prospects?

VR can be experienced by wearing a headset that would generate 3D based computerized animations, simulation, and display visually-appealing content with surround sound effects. AR can be experienced through AR devices, which provide detailed information on the real-world objects around you. According to a report, the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) market may grow to about a CAGR of 55.3% between the period of 2016 and 2021 in India. The major major end-users of AR and VR e-learning solutions for employee training and development programs are defence, aviation, chemical, pharmacy, medical, and space industries.

Application of AR/VR e-learning solutions in different industries 

One of the main reasons why AR and VR e-learning solutions are widely used in different sectors is because they render a realistic feeling to the users and give a sense that they are doing activities in the real world. This is what differentiates AR and VR e-learning solutions for employee training and development and keeps AR and VR e-learning solutions ahead of other mediums of teaching and learning. For example, a Virtual Reality e-learning solution can help army personnel to understand the use of real-time information, such as temperature, pressure, altitude, and atmospheric pressure in battle tanks while being on the field. Similarly, a new pilot can be trained to fly in the sky using a Virtual Reality e-learning solution based on the parameters on such as altitude, atmospheric pressure, horizontal and vertical heights and many more. Augmented Reality e-learning solutions can be used to understand the properties of various chemicals or biological organisms using employee training and development programs. AR and VR e-learning solutions can also be used to comprehend various machinery or hazardous environments, without putting the life of the newly joined individual at any kind of risk. To elaborate, suppose while handling various equipment or chemicals, serious issues or detrimental situations can take place if the workforce mishandles or manhandles the costly equipment or wrongly uses dangerous chemicals. Any kind of accidents can not only cost the working employees but may also lead to a huge loss to the company. 

Approaching AR/VR e-learning solutions 

VK Creative Learning’s (VKCL) builds AR/VR e-learning solutions for employee training and development programs so that companies don’t have to invest their time with the employees in training the workforce in the lab or the field. Instead, the technicians can be trained with AR and VR e-learning solutions so that they can thoroughly understand the working environment and they are ready to work on the field once they have been trained properly.

March 13, 2021