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AR e-Learning Solution for Learners and Organisations

April 23, 2021 news banner 120

In the current times, personalised training is the new buzzword. Learners prefer personalised training as it helps them to understand a concept thoroughly. Even organisations across the globe acknowledge this fact. However an economical training program remains a priority for the organisations. Having said this, the organisations prefer a training session which helps the workforce to learn the information thoroughly. Augmented Reality (AR) e-learning solution is the best option which may fulfil the learner’s requirement as well as organisation’s needs

What are Augmented Reality e-learning solutions and how are useful?

Augmented Reality overlaps detailed virtual information about the real-world objects around us. This way it provides a mixed life experience of both real and virtual worlds. It is used in the e-learning solution so that learners can understand about various aspects of newly implemented technologies or machineries in an organisation. AR e-learning solution is used in various industries such as medical, pharmacy, education, machinery, artificial intelligence, and many more. When AR e-learning solutions are used for training purposes, learners are able to relate to the course content comprehensively.

Advantages from learner’s perspective

Following are the advantages for the learners while using Augmented Reality e-learning solution. The learners can learn from anywhere and anytime. They can view information in two-dimensional or three-dimensional animated forms. Since AR based e-learning solutions display the information in the animated form, learning becomes immersive and engaging. It replaces the dull and boring form of physical training or training using the manuals wherein the onus lies on the learners. In such cases, the learners are not able to understand the information comprehensively. On the other hand, when Augmented Reality e-learning solution is used, the learners get detailed information along with the actual view of the object. This helps gather deep insight about the subject under the observation. For example, a newly joined technician can understand missionary machinery and its products by using AR e-learning solutions. The AR will give detailed understanding about the machinery and its functioning. It will offer a detailed view of the parts that helps the machinery perform certain tasks.

Advantages from company’s perspective

When a company opts for an AR e-learning solution, it helps to increase the productivity of the employees and meet the business objectives. Additionally the Millennials are more oriented towards using the latest technologies which helps them to grasp the concepts quickly. Importantly, the e-learning solution is able to deliver the results and increase efficiency of the workforce. The outcomes are met with personalised e-learning training as the content is simplified. Also, the overall cost for the training is less. Above all, it helps to improve the core function of the training process. To elaborate, when training is carried out through AR e-learning solution, employees tend to show more interest and they absorb as much information as possible. They tend to understand the concepts from the point of view of applying them in the real life scenarios. It helps them in their decision making skills too. 

VKCL’s AR e-learning solution

VKCL has been developing Augmented Reality-based e-learning solutions for quite a sometime. With more than 10 years of experience in the e-learning space, it has carved a niche for itself in creating the custom eLearning content. This helps the learners to understand the information comprehensively and quickly. VKCL creates AR e-learning solutions for corporate organisations, healthcare industry, pharmacy industry, mechanical industry, aerospace industry, the mobile industry, and many more sectors.

April 23, 2021