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AR eLearning Solution for Corporate, Medical, Machinery, and other Industries

June 30, 2022 news banner 235

Augmented Reality (AR) is gaining popularity with the global proliferation of advanced technology. Today, AR corporate training is a proven and efficient method for enhancing staff qualifications, improving productivity, and decreasing resource consumption. Thus, Augmented Reality (AR) is no longer a future notion; it has become the standard in business and daily life. 

The AR industry was valued at $2.35 billion only some years ago, but it is anticipated to increase by a huge margin, in billions, in the coming years. A sharp increase in AR investment indicates that AR has a great deal to offer in terms of training and upskilling personnel. This blog discusses what is Augmented Reality, AR eLearning solutions, and their real-world applications in many sectors.

A quick look at Augmented Reality

Let's begin by defining what we mean when we talk about Augmented Reality (AR). There are two worlds: the actual (in which you exist) and the virtual (seen on a smartphone). 

When photographing with a cell phone, an actual image is captured. If you use an AR app, though, you will see a virtual image in the actual world. Virtual objects are termed 3D models or artificial models generated in virtual reality. 

To elaborate, Augmented Reality is digitized information delivered by mobile or tablet devices. This is one of the key reasons why AR learning solutions may be used in a variety of sectors to deliver knowledge about any equipment; medical gadget, or to comprehend any chemical or biological process.

Use of AR eLearning solution in the workplace

Augmented reality is the technology that augments the actual environment with digital data, such as objects, sounds, and sensory characteristics. A user's surroundings are scanned by an Augmented Reality application and shown on a screen. Then, any 3D object may be added to the display at any size for additional interactions.

AR in the workplace enables secure immersive training, the collection of useful data and insights, distant collaboration with colleagues, and interaction with various digital items. Training in Augmented Reality may be offered using mobile devices or smart glasses, which display information instantly onto the lens of the wearer's eyewear. 

Nevertheless, a standard smartphone is generally sufficient, and virtually everyone has one, so it is not essential to spend a lot of money on specialized equipment.

Onboarding and Internship with 'eLearning AR Training'

The 'AR eLearning course' is not only capable of displaying digital data, but also allows to manage all digital courses through LMS. 

AR software can facilitate an efficient onboarding procedure. In an interactive style, new recruits and interns may quickly get acquainted with key corporate information and various processes. They may even visit the office as audio or text lessons explain the company's organizational structure.

Training for medical students

Working with dummies and specialized software, medical trainees get practical experience in an artificially generated environment. AR eLearning solution augments the realism of an educational environment and offers an alternate universe in which students may practice medicine in a simulated world.

Using AR eLearning solution, students may gain numerous medical skills, including surgical training and observation. Simulated surgeries function as real-world experiences and provide effective hands-on instruction that students normally do not get until they complete a surgical procedure. 

In addition, it provides the chance to practice and master more typical lifesaving operations, to make rapid judgments, and to get immediate feedback on their performance. 

AR eLearning training simulations expand the learner's knowledge base, increase their ability to make decisions, and promote collaboration. Surgery is not the only scenario that can be replicated with augmented reality as mdical students may examine the human nervous system, circulatory system, muscles, and bones with the use of human anatomy exploration simulators.

VK Creative learning (VKCL) has created an augmented medical eLearning solution to aid clinicians in planning surgical and interventional treatments to treat congenital heart abnormalities. 

VKCL's augmented medical eLearning solution provides accurate 3D animations that allow students to engage with virtual patient anatomy. It allows mobile device users to effortlessly preview, position, view, and engage with web-hosted 3D human body models in their surroundings.

Training for Heavy Equipment using Augmented Reality

Some professionals in sectors such as manufacturing, construction, agriculture, etc., often come in contact with heavy machinery that requires machinery examination and practice. Whenever there is a new recruitment or a new technician is hired, sometimes, it may not be possible to ask the technician directly to work in the field directly without prior training. But an 'AR medical eLearning solution' may facilitate training for all employees of different levels.

To elaborate, any piece of machinery may be converted into a 3D model that can be shown on the screen of a mobile device, tablet, or smart glasses. Objects may also be projected onto the actual environment using specialized projectors. You may interact with the object by zooming, turning, and using the offered functionalities. As a result, the employees should be able to practice in a risk-free environment without making use of any physical equipment.

Benefits of using Augmented Reality-Based e-Learning Solutions for Training.

AR eLearning solution may be advantageous in a variety of ways when it comes to eLearning training.

Visual feedback during the evaluation period:  Through AR-based eLearning testing and assessment environment, not only do professionals get to work on real-world activities in a virtual environment, but their actions are also documented. This helps to review the staff’s approach toward a process that enables supervisors to spot errors and rectify them.

Realistic eLearning Training: Using an AR eLearning solution, AR simulations totally immerse the user audibly and visually, thereby providing enhanced training results.

eLearning Courses with realistic gamification. Adding gamification aspects to AR-based learning may boost outcomes by allowing learners to physically earn incentives (points and badges) and even move up the career ladder.

Enhanced Learning Analytics: Certain devices support eye-tracking, allowing users to scroll using just their eyes. AR-based training may give very specific learning statistics, such as eye movements indicating an area of interest or conflict in the lesson.

If you are on the lookout for an AR eLearning development company, then VKCL can be one of the best choices, as it has vast experience creating AR-based applications and eLearning courses for various industries.

June 30, 2022