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Augmented Reality Learning in eLearning: A Big Revolution

May 11, 2024 online lesson through virtual reality

Learners no longer have to experience the dull form of gaining new knowledge on a flat screen. All thanks to the emergence of Augmented Reality (AR) Learning that has come as a boon for both students as well as for working professionals to make learning easy, and the best part is: it will continue to stay and flourish.  

In other words, you can bid goodbye to the usual passive kind of consuming information. Reason: AR learning flips the script like never before, making learners to jump into a totally immersive world (overlaying digitized information about the objects you focus on) where both worlds -- real and digital -- fuse to present information in an understandable manner.

As an example to elaborate this: you can think of a situation for a medical student with Augmented Reality Learning through the use of a mobile device. When they would go through an eLearning simulation on a smartphone, they will get the option of dissecting a human body in the virtual world. This way they can examine every nook and cranny of different parts of the body -- that is, organs and muscles, and gain a deeper comprehension of the subject matter. 

Another instance would be: you can envisage an aspiring architect who yearns to build a magnificent skyscraper -- really awe-inspiring. The aspirant can visit a taller building somewhat similar to what he has in mind (though it may be different in many aspects) and then virtually collect information by strolling through its hallways and other areas. In this manner, he would not only end up collecting essential information he needs for making the skyscraper but also add further enhancements to the design.

These aspects about AR are mere appetizers that would serve our appetites to come out with revolutionary possibilities in the real world! Importantly, when AR-based learning is incorporated into eLearning courseware, the benefits multiply by several times. 

Precisely put, Augmented Reality learning incorporated into virtual courses can help to provide some information beforehand and then further more knowledge can be amassed with AR tech.
This way, the fusion of two technologies can pave the way for an experience which will be fascinating, interactive, and unforgettable in nature -- interesting, isn't it?

Benefits of Using Augmented Reality Learning in eLearning Courses
Given hereunder are some great benefits of using AR in eLearning solutions -- lets have a look at them one by one.

Understanding Gets Real and Better with Augmented Reality Learning: Sometimes, when traditional forms of teaching are followed, it can be an experience like staring at a textbook without gaining something important. So, this means you would glean information, but in reality, you may not truly grasp anything. 

This is where the challenge lies when it comes to the usual type of learning and Augmented Reality Learning can be helpful in such circumstances as it can bridge the gap between theory and practice.

To elaborate this: you can imagine an auto mechanic trainee who is getting trained. But what if, they are handed only manuals -- yes, without anything assistance to visualize or the needed information, the situation can be tough for any trainees.

The same goes with students who are given only textbooks with less examples and figures.  

But, on the other hand, when AR-based eLearning courseware is given to the students/trainee technicians, they can hover the digital device over the surroundings objects and gather more information about them they want to know more about.   

This way, they end up tinkering with virtual components (such as an automobile mechanic); understanding the properties, and nature of the objects under observation, and even practicing repairs – all these without the need of opening any equipment or engine.

Reliable Support: Augmented Reality Learning in eLearning goes well beyond bringing textbooks to life, as it involves personalized learning experiences that serve you like a personal guide. 

Think about it this way: be it for students or for working professionals, information is provided in detail with multiple examples unless the concepts are clear to them. That is, when learners get stuck somewhere with some difficult subject matter, Augmented Reality learning in eLearning courseware is capable of conjuring extra visual aids or interactive simulations to untangle the mess.

The eLearning platform can also ferret out the degree to which information is ingrained and utilized when presented with concept-specific queries.

Interestingly, every individual is treated differently and smart algorithms provide information in such a way that the information displayed suits the learning style and pace of all kinds of learners. Hence, there is no rote memorization involved and learners are supported with the required information so that they can master the topic. 

Thus instead of being a passive information sponge, Augmented Reality learning methodology empowers learners to transform into intrepid explorers, blazing their own educational trail and unlocking their potential like never before.

The best part is: learners don't rely on last-minute cramming which is further fueled by jitters as AR in eLearning can mold itself to adapt on the fly as per the learning needs of the students as well as the working professionals. 

Additionally, eLearning features such as personalized feedback complemented by tailored guidance enable learners to test their skills in real-world simulations that ensure those concepts stick with them -- ready to be pulled out of their mental toolbox whenever they need them.

Knowledge Retention: Augmented Reality Learning in eLearning is not like some kind of glimmer that may or may not work but it is a transformative force that can help learners with learning engagement and retention of learned information.

This means that through AR in eLearning, students can understand different parts or functioning of organs of an animal or a technician can tinker with newly arrived engines of different vehicles -- all sitting in the comfort of home -- sounds fascinating, isn't it?

Since Augmented Reality eLearning overlays vital information when AR-based devices hover over real-world objects, grasping new information is not difficult at all and learners don't drown in a sea of textbook jargon.

Importantly when Augmented Reality learning in eLearning is used, students can get detailed information about the subject matter as information is presented in 3D models wherever required.

For students or pharma aspirants, it can be learning about complex molecule combinations; for students, awe-inspiring movements of celestial objects in the solar system or even about a terrifying T-Rex. 
So the need to blindly memorize any topics is not needed as the virtual models allow learners to closely analyze an object by rotating it; zooming in for a closer inspection, and watching it come alive with dazzling animations. 

Similarly, technicians can get a deeper understanding about the workings of an engine or equipment by closely inspecting them through Augmented Reality learning in eLearning courseware. This is because AR overlays step-by-step instructions related to the subject under observation, giving them a hands-free troubleshooting buddy.  

This can be better understood by taking an example of a situation wherein a new technician can comprehend a virtual flow of coolant through an engine. This can be used to get an idea about the exact location of the leak or further enhancements of engine parts -- talk about a game-changer!  

Thus, AR learning serves like an interactive playground that transcends beyond merely igniting curiosity; it helps learners to seamlessly cement any intrciate infornation through playful exploration.

Augmented Reality learning in eLearning helps learners to understand concepts comprehensively and retain information for a long time.

If you want to incorporate Augmented Reality learning in eLearning courseware then you can get in touch with VK Creative Learning -- a known name in the development of eLearning solutions as per the requirements of clients.

May 11, 2024