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Benefits of Converting Instructor Led Training to E-learning

January 15, 2020 news banner 18

E-Learning is mainly the use of technology that makes the teachers and students to connect who is distance apart. And the teaching can be made through various modes of delivery like CD-ROMs, Interactive Videos, Web Technology, and so on. And, future trends have made the delivery of training on personal digital assistance and cell phones.  This new form of learning has been called as M-Learning or Mobile Learning.

The recent growing trends and development has made many organizations to develop and educate their current employees’ skills set which could be done by providing them proper training. But, many organizations have found their training process effecting their budget, which has lead them to step on for the training on Elearning modules which is more cost effective for the employees.  

The employees can take the training process with the help of Elearning at their own pace and any given point of time. Providing training in any organization for various reasons has been considered a waste of time and cost. But you must know that old traditional classroom training cannot function all the time due to lack of time and budget for which the companies need to adopt the trending E-Learning process for coping up with the pace of growing industry norms. 

Rewards for Businesses

  • 1. Cost Effective- This is one of the biggest reasons for converting Instruction Led Training (ILT) to E-Learning resulting in cost redeeming.
  • 2. Higher Training ProductivityOrganizations like IBM, Wipro, HP has switched from ILT to E-Learning training that has helped their employees effectively in learning at the same time in a standard training session. These organizations have discovered the benefit of providing their employees the true color of E-Learning training and its efficiency. 
  • 3. Geographically Spread Workforce- With the introduction of E-Learning Small or Mid-Sized organizations functional at various locations is able to provide necessary training to their employees at the same time through available training resources and materials.  
  • 4. Grasp New and Emerging Trends- The organizations can double the impact of E-Learning by adapting M-Learning which is flexible in reactive designs that support multi-device delivery as well as strategies like- gamification, scenario based learning, story based learning and so on. 

Rewards for Learners

  • 1.Teaching can be taken as many number of times required- Dissimilar to classroom teaching the students can access the online teaching on their own at any point of time. Students do not need to be dependent on their teachers for attending the lectures and completing the course. E-Learning is beneficial mostly during the time of examinations where you need to revise any number of times.
  • 2. E-Learning Serves everyone’s need- With the introduction of E-Learning it is very well suited to every age group no matter what profession the person is into. E-Learning has brought into remarkable changes in the content how it is consumed, discussed and distributed. Depending on the availability of the person the learning can be chosen at their comfort level. 
  • 3. Faster Delivery of Courses- Unlike classroom teaching the mode of delivery of teaching is faster. The students need not travel to the venue for attending the lectures that saves their travel time. This in result saves up to 25-60% of learning time of the students. Learners can finish the course at their own speed instead of keeping the pace with others. 
  • 4. Scalability- This digital revolution has helped in creating and communicating new ideas, concepts and training policies. Whether the delivery of information is based on videos or notes E-Learning is quicker way of education. 
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As per the survey conducted on E-Learning courses the online learning consumed 90% less power and generate 85% less CO2 emissions when compared to traditional classroom teaching.  No need to cut down the trees for producing papers as E-Learning does not require papers to make notes. Thus, E-Learning is very much eco-friendly mode of learning.

In the corporate world new products get introduced on an everyday basis which means the employees need to be trained in order to interact with the clients about the new product in the market. This requires training of the employees at the same time, in order to make the things easier both for the employees and the organization introduction of E-Learning solves the problem of getting the training done. 

E-Learning acts as an excellent solution for the quick development and arrangement of new training content to larger number of employees at short period of time. Many advantages of E-Learning can work in companies account when E-Learning can be introduced for the new product training.  

E-Learning can be made much more interactive by using various elements like Interactive Videos, Audios, Gamification, Narrations, Navigation, Social Media Integration and so on. There are great deals of personal involvement of the learner that add value to the learner’s experience. 

January 15, 2020