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Benefits of Progress Tracking Feature in E-Learning Solutions

May 24, 2021 news banner 127

Globalization has changed the way training is conducted by organizations. Globalization has been possible due to the advancements in technological solutions in the past few years. The old-style training used to focus on cramping a lot of information within a span of a few hours. Then, there was an expectation that the employees would perform exceptionally based on their training. The new form of training has entirely replaced such impractical practices. This new form of training is called the e-learning solution. The e-learning solution is created by e-learning development companies in India and across the globe.

Isn’t the off-the-shelf course a better option?

Off-the-shelf would be helpful if people of the same caliber are taking training for the same technology. However, practically speaking, it is not possible that all the trainees in the training room would have the equal capability. To elaborate, all the trainees may not be able to absorb the concepts at the same rate. Three out of ten trainees would fail to understand most concepts taught using off-the-shelf courseware. Such are the possibilities when it comes to off-the-shelf courseware.

Reasons why off-the-shelf and traditional training fail

One of the major reasons why off-the-shelf and traditional training fails is due to learning limitations. Also, each learner has his own understanding limitation. These two factors indicate that some may take more time to understand certain concepts. On the other hand, others may be able to understand the concepts quickly. That’s the important point to be noted. Each individual has his own learning style and pace. Some may learn at a slow pace while others may learn at a fast pace. E-learning solution overcomes this problem through a progress tracking feature embedded within it.

What is the progress tracking feature?

The progress tracking feature helps an individual to understand the areas where he needs to focus. Thus, if some kind of weakness is identified in a learner's learning pattern, then it is conveyed to him. Similarly, if the learner is struggling with a concept understanding, it is identified. All the necessary steps to make the learning easy are included in the training session.

What are the advantages of the progress tracking feature?

There are several advantages of the progress tracking feature. It helps to understand the areas where he needs to focus on. These are the topics which he is finding hard to comprehend. Learning not only consists of rote memorization. It also entails understanding the topics comprehensively. This is what the progress tracking feature does by pinpointing the areas of weakness. Once the topics that are difficult for the learners to understand are known, then the faculty can help the learner. The faculty can explain those topics again to the learner. This would help the learner to get a deep insight into the topics. 

VKCL’s e-learning solution with progress tracking feature

VK Creative Learning (VKCL) focuses on developing customized e-learning solutions for schools, institutes, universities, colleges, organizations, and industries. Through the animations and simulations in customized e-learning solutions, it explains difficult concepts to the learners. The progress tracking feature is used to understand the learner’s shortcomings. These are shared with the concerned higher department so that the learners' learning limitations can be overcome.

May 24, 2021