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Developing Stable, Sustainable and Innovative eLearning Platform for Learning

August 29, 2020 news banner 60

We, at VKCL, believe that strategists and workforce are the main pillars who help a business to grow to new heights. Not surprisingly, innovative businesses prosper where talented workforce combined with strategists cross-pollinate their thoughts, and work in tandem to create a sustainable and innovative platform for the business. Similarly, in VKCL, a pool of talented educational experts; multimedia specialists; strategists; graphic designers; content developers, and other specialists work together to create the best and appealing e-learning solutions.

How VKCL creates a Stable, Sustainable and Innovative eLearning Platform for Corporate Organisations, Technical Industries, Schools and Universities?

VKCL believes that having an ambitious squad of innovative thinkers, who focus on delivering workable and efficient e-learning solutions to address the requirements of various industries, is the key to create the best and creative e-learning platform. To elaborate, before developing an e-learning solution for our clients, we leave no stones unturned to address their concerns. Hence our panel of experts talk to various people of the entities - be it a school, an organisation, or a university. We even go to the level of talking to the children and teachers while developing an academic or K-12 e-learning solution for a school. This helps us to understand the exact problems that children as well as teachers face while using a digital platform such as e-learning solution. Similarly we talk to the technicians of an industry to understand various problems related to working of an engine or any technical aspect to understand what are their exact requirements while training the new inductees. In the same manner, when it comes to a chemical manufacturing organisation who require chemical industry-based e-learning solutions, we send our panel of highly qualified and experienced chemical industry experts to understand their requirements and accordingly create an e-learning solution for them.

Types of eLearning Solutions that VKCL Creates for Different Players of the Industry

VK Creative Learning develops a wide range of eLearning solutions for schools, institutions, universities, organisations, and various industries. Given below are the list of e-learning solutions we develop for our clients:

1.  Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality eLearning solutions: These e-learning solutions are very helpful for schools to corporate organisations to technical industries. Wondering how? Suppose an organisation wants to conduct a training session for the new comers in the office. In that case, showing PPTs or handing over the documents and asking the inexperienced newcomers to understand from them is a tough ask. There is a high chance that the new inductees may find it difficult to understand the technical aspects of various machineries or equipment. In such cases using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality e-learning solutions may not only make the training task easier but also ensure that the new trainees have understood everything as they will be using their senses like visuals, touch, and experience to understand the concepts.

2.  Customised eLearning Solution: The customised eLearning solution helps all entities to share the requirements based on their experience to create a tailor made e-learning solution that fits their learner's pace and learning style.

3. In addition to the above services, we also specialise in developing eLearning solutions using rapid authoring tools; corporate eLearning solutions; academic eLearning solutions, etc.

August 29, 2020