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How AI in E-Learning Courseware can Enhance Technician’s Skills?

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In the current world, technology has advanced a lot and so has its implementation in various fields. Artificial intelligence is also known as AI. It is one of the technologies which has been highly gaining popularity and usage. It is vastly used in different fields. This includes pharmacy, mechanical engineering, chemical industry, automobile industry, and many more industries. AI is also used for training the employees through its implementation in e-learning solutions.

Understanding Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is a set of complex algorithms that is capable of handling certain tasks. The algorithms are programmed in such a way that they can analyze the query and then provide a reply. The AI can be used to perform automated complex tasks too. Hence, Artificial Intelligence is used for various purposes. 

Understanding the use of Artificial Intelligence in industry

Artificial Intelligence is used in different industries for carrying out various tasks. For example, Artificial Intelligence is used in the automobile industry to assemble various parts of automobiles. The complex programs of the AI are designed to perform certain activities related to lifting and placing materials. This includes cranes, arms, and other heavy lifting equipment. The heavy lifting equipment is programmed carefully to carry out certain tasks at a certain point in time. High-level emphasis is given to timely events. If the technician fails to perform the timely event, there would be chaos from an assembling point of view. 

Used of AI in e-learning courseware

AI is used in e-learning solutions in different ways. AI-based simulations are created to replicate the environment of the industry. Thus, a technician is not asked to work from the first day. He is provided training about the working atmosphere and his responsibilities. The training is provided through AI-based simulations where he has to perform the work, as observed in the real-life scenarios. This helps him to gain a deep insight into the work and what is to be expected from him. He works on the different cases concerned with different work activities. 

Example: A newly recruited technician would learn the basics of assembling the automobile parts at a plant. But, the same activities could be taught to him through AI-based simulation. AI simulation would present different complex cases on work on assembling the parts. Through simulation, he can use an arm to pick a heavy material, which is more than 200 kg. Then, he can place it in the desired location. This would be the location where assembling of various parts may take place. Similarly, the simulation would allow him to load heavy materials and place them on the conveyor belt. If the technician is not careful about the placement of the heavy objects on time, the assembly line would be disturbed. 

About VKCL Creative Learning (VKCL)’s AI-based e-learning courses

 VKCL develops AI-based e-learning courses for different organizations based on their requirements. It develops AI integrated e-learning solutions for pharma, chemical, engineering, educational, and many more industries. It has a reputation for being the best e-learning courseware creator. The reason being, it has been in the e-learning space for more than 10 years. It also works with people from various walks of life with vast experience.

May 16, 2021