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How AR/VR Solutions Help to Enhance Training Processes and Cut Down Production Cost?

November 06, 2020 news banner 76

Many investments in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies have been made by various companies of late. Most of the companies have succeeded in launching extraordinary products that demand immediate attention from the  potential customers, and are very appealing too, with tons of features. This trend of developing various devices and software for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies is gaining high interest. This is corroborated by the stats that points out that a wide variety of AR/VR products were launched by big names; followed by big acquisitions. 

What are AR/VR Solutions?

Virtual Reality (VR): VR generates 3D based computerized animations, simulation, and displays visually-appealing content with surround sound effects. VR is based on headset technology.

Augmented Reality (AR): AR provides the detailed information of the real world objects around you. AR devices are handheld devices. 

Growth prospects of AR/VR e-learning solutions in different industries 

The defence, aviation, chemical, pharmacy, medical, and space industries may turn out to be the major end-user of AR and VR products. According to a report study, a growth rate of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) market may touch CAGR of 55.3% between the period of 2016 and 2021 in India. 

Application of AR/VR e-learning solutions in different industries 

The major demand for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies is seen increasingly in the e-learning space. To elaborate, when Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies are incorporated for teaching and learning purposes, they render an altogether different realistic feeling to the users. This feeling is more like doing something physically in the real world. This is the distinguishing factor that would put AR/VR e-learning solutions ahead of other mediums of teaching and learning. For example, a handheld Augmented Reality e-learning solution can help a pilot to understand various real-time information, such as horizontal line, altitude, atmospheric pressure, etc., while flying. Similarly handheld Virtual Reality e-learning solution can be used to teach a new pilot about different manoeuvring styles in the sky. In the educational industry, different experiment apparatus and chemicals cost a bomb. Sometimes while handling this equipment or chemicals, serious issues or detrimental situations can arise for the faculties if the students mishandle or manhandle the costly equipment or wrongly use the dangerous chemicals. Just think about this, an expenditure of about ?10 lacs to 30 lacs is incurred while setting up a physics or chemistry lab. With expenses been on such a higher end, accidents can you just wipe out the entire investment in the matter of minutes. 

VKCL’s AR/VR e-learning solutions 

This is where VK Creative Learning’s (VKCL) AR/VR e-learning solutions can be of great use. VKCL’s simulated eLearning based physics or chemistry lab can help to set up a physics, or chemistry or biology lab on a budget friendly cost, and enable students to perform various types of experiments. Thus to set up an e-learning-based chemistry or physics lab, the budget may be about ?50,000 to ?2 Lacs or even more. Hence opting for AR/VR e-learning solution for streams such as biology, chemistry, or physics will not only be cheaper but will also ensure that no accidents are caused. The best aspect of this being, the learning is enhanced multifold times compared to physical experiment sessions.


November 06, 2020