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How can introducing fun into corporate e-learning solutions enhance learning to a great extent?

February 12, 2021 news banner 102

Have you ever thought about why the corporate training programs, sometimes, turn out to be monotonous and boring? It is because they are more like learning more about work to work more. It becomes more like a predictable boring movie which has the protagonist and antagonist, with no interesting twist or fun in the storyline.

Would you pay and go to such a movie? Similarly the same goes with the predictable and monotonous corporate training programs, wherein the instructor teaches the professionals, who are already saturated doing work, further about new work processes in detail. Obviously, this may be the least interesting session to attend! This implies the lack of creativity and fun in the training sessions is not going to do any good for the professionals and the company to increase productivity. As per some research studies, about 40% of the people attending the training have shown indifference or dissatisfaction with the form of the training that fails to focus more on creative ideas to catch the interest of the learners during the training session.

Besides this, some corporate training programs are straightforward and clinical. Although there is nothing wrong with such types of corporate training programs, not all the learners need to find a serious and stereotypical corporate training program appealing. So what is the remedy for catching the attention of the trainees and making them involved during the training session? We, at VK Creative Learning (VKCL), found that the best solution for making the trainees show interest in the training course is by introducing some elements in the training program which may seem fun and engrossing to them.

Introducing fun in corporate e-learning solutions to enhance learning

Learning can be made interesting by bending the rules of adult learning and giving the learners a chance to have fun during the training by making them explore and learn through games. This way they don’t get bored and find the corporate e-learning content fun and interesting. We believe that breaking the cycle of predictability is the real key factor to make the learning effective and enhance the learning skills of the trainees.

Thus, we introduce certain elements of unpredictability and suspense in the games based on certain concepts required to up the productivity of the learners. We smartly mould puzzles and games with simulations in our corporate e-learning solutions in such a way that the learners will keep thinking about what will come next. Further, animations are added to make the content simple and easy to understand.

What distinguishes game-based e-learning courseware from other types of corporate e-learning solutions is that it pushes the learners to explore the uncharted areas, thoroughly, and solve the problems pertaining to the newly explored areas by using imaginations and executing the strategies that they have gained through their work experience, and win the challenge. This aspect of gaming is something which encourages the trainees to learn more and understand the practical application of the game-based concepts in real-life scenarios. Additionally, in order to encourage social activity that enhances collaborative learning, we assign activity-based learning to a set of individuals so that they can collectively work on the assignments.


February 12, 2021