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How customized eLearning solutions could play a vital role in automation of food manufacturing machineries?

May 18, 2020 news banner 36

Automation of food manufacturing machineries has been gaining a lot of attention of late in India, as dependency on the labours is cut down to a larger extent, and food can be prepared quickly compared to manual cooking. Many companies employ automated machines for wrapping food; filling food items in packets; milk pasteurisation; making ketchups; making and cooking biscuits, cleaning food, and for many food manufacturing and processing procedures. Besides these, in temples like Shirdi’s Shree Sai Prasadalaya, food is made using various for more than 40,000 devotees on a daily basis. Multiple automated machines are used to cook 2000 kg of daal and rice every day. Similarly, in north and south Indian temples, such as Golden temple and Palani, various automated machines are utilized to make different types of food to thousands of devotees, coming every day. 

How Customized eLearning Solutions could Help?


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We, at VKCL, observed the huge growth potential that various food manufacturing companies could reap out of the opportunities provided by various entities. So with the help of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and industry specialists, we started building and catering customized eLearning solutions to various industry players. The customized eLearning solutions, developed based on the inputs of the organization, help


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to train new employees or upgrade a professional’s knowledge on the working, usage, implementation, and advantages of various types of food manufacturing and processing machineries. The significance of customized eLearning solutions is that we create the eLearning courseware by listening to each and every detail of our clients.

Examples on implementation of customized eLearning solutions 


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Before the creation of automated food manufacturing machinery, a professional has to first create design of the machines; different components to be used such as robust steel; study component’s practical mechanical properties and characteristics such as corrosion resistance, durability, chemical resistance, high pressure and temperature withstanding capabilities, and many other different parameters. This is where a customized eLearning solution comes handy. Usually, an organization's approach us with their expectations on eLearning training modules, we use our expertise to give the exact shape to the customized eLearning solution. Our experts study expectations and build a customized eLearning solution that covers all aspects of building any type of automated food manufacturing or processing machineries, right from physical properties to chemical properties to practical usage to durability. We give special attention to the budget so that the organizations get the best customized eLearning solution in an economical cost.

Key Features and Advantages

  1. We create customized eLearning solutions that best support a professional’s job function.
  2. We use animation and simulation to make the professionals understand about the design process, flow chart, working, software algorithm, and many other functions of automated machineries.
  3. The customized eLearning solution is made in such a way that it places zero limitation on the availability of the eLearning content. So professionals can learn at a time and place of their convenience. 
  4. Quizzes and assessment tests are included in the eLearning courseware to ensure that a learner understands various concepts deeply. 
  5. Learning progress can be tracked on the eLearning solution
  6. We give extra attention to details of content development to increase satisfaction of our clients.

May 18, 2020