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How Does Microlearning Accelerate the Workforce'S Knowledge Acquisition?

September 03, 2021 news banner 161

A business may employ the finest trainer to educate its employees on new technology or newly adopted corporate procedures. However, if the training material is complicated to the point that many of the terms are unintelligible or difficult to comprehend, trainees may find the session tedious and unmotivating. The complexity arises owing to the usage of high-level terminology and technical words without extensive explanations or appropriate examples. For instance, corporate training courses concentrating on different labor processes or the operation of a manufacturing facility, as well as any material that contains technical jargon, are difficult to cognitively absorb. When a working professional is required to balance job and training for an extended time, the situation becomes more complicated from a learning viewpoint. This is where the microlearning technique may be beneficial in "eLearning training courses."

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning, which stemmed from the Greek word "micro" meaning little, is everything about providing an eLearning course in tiny learning shots. It is more like a brief burst of training information that you can absorb in a short period of time.

What does the research say about Microlearning?

Micro eLearning is neither a consequence of our short attention spans in the internet era nor is it a substandard eLearning technique for when we are pressed for time. Indeed, research supports it as a legitimate and successful form of education.

We learn more when we study in short concentrated spurts rather than being forced to sit through hour-long sessions – but your younger self who was bored to tears at school already knew that.

How do we implement microlearning techniques in our eLearning solutions?

We create engaging material by segmenting a large volume of information including difficult ideas and theories into manageable modules in the form of animated films and simulations, supplemented by a multitude of examples and a video lecture delivered by an industry expert. Each module is maintained as brief as possible, about 5 to 10 minutes in length, and written in plain English for ease of comprehension for the learners. Additionally, to aid with comprehension, the material is supplemented by infographics, illustrations, and many real-world situation examples related to the topic. Because the learning must take place through an e-learning solution, learners may go through the material at their own speed and return to it if they do not understand it.

Who and Why Do We Need Microlearning?

Anyone may benefit from microlearning, since the approach's foundation is comprised of brief, highly concentrated, and highly relevant information. Regardless of age, educational background, or profession, learners benefit most from receiving a personalized training solution. That is, when the material is informal and accessible at the moment of need, it is focused on the abilities they need in their everyday life.

Assume your business offers training on worker health and safety. You've already gotten much training and experience in this area, but you should conduct a thorough assessment of your hazardous substance management procedures. Rather than having to go through a whole video or lesson to locate this part, your training should ideally consist of micro-courses that are logically organized and accessible at any time. 

September 03, 2021