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How E-Learning Helps For Corporate Training

January 01, 2020 news banner 16

Educating employees is always mandatory part of a business. With the internet now available to multiple types of devices so is the web based E-Learning. This is even better for the businesses that can use E-Learning to compare performance across company sites and for the training purposes also. Business learning trend has changed drastically with the introduction of E-Learning and the new trending technologies. The digital tools that help in the learning process in Corporate Training makes it more interactive and fun in learning experience. Digital tools like Video Instructor Led Training, Gamification, Podcasts, Augmented and Virtual Reality and so on.

  • More Beneficial- E-Learning makes learning for employees much more convenient than the old classroom training as it allows the employees to learn and access the training program as per their availability and suitability. Making training much more effective.
  • Economized Cost- E-Learning eliminates the classroom training which results in reducing the cost of trainer. Hence, reducing the cost in training and development. Not just the reduction in trainer’s cost gets verified content can be easily cloned in other devices making it easily approachable for the employees to learn on other devices.
  • An easy modifications- Technology change, knowledge is attained and corporate practices and requirements change. This makes updates to E-Learning unavoidable, but also much less costly, as you own the courses and can focus the updates to reflect the new changes, instead replacing the entire program.
  • Knowledge Retention- Customized E-Learning solutions make the training fun and engaging. As, an effective corporate training should provide critical knowledge useful for everyday work and should be done in a fun and interesting way.

Better methods of delivering training world include the latest technologies in our organization.

  • AR/VR –Augmented and Virtual Reality has offer much more interesting and exciting way of delivering the training process. Recent advancement in technology has made it accessible and cost effective.
  • Gamification- Gamification has the power to hold the interest of the employees by introducing the game based thinking, elements of game making each and every employee to participate in the training process. As employees reply much better to rewards, in gamification this could be represented by the unraveling of attainments or receipt of a badge at the successful completion of a training segment. 
  • Video Instructor Led Training (VILT) - Within business, VILT is mainly compelled by the need to effectively train a growing and more dispersed population at a controllable cost. Its use allows organizations to provide premium learning experiences for employees, customers and channel partners while bypassing travel and lodging costs and lavish time spent away from the job.
  • Podcasts- Podcasts are attractive because they are inexpensive to create and distribute, and it offers similar benefits as video-based learning, but are even more compact and handy. Additionally, as podcasts of all kinds grow in demand, it is very much likely that your employees are familiar with the basics of the podcast format.

A successful E-Learner is self-driven and structured, with strong communication skills and technical ability. They are committed and motivated to participate on a regular basis and have a strong connection to systems of goals and profits. Keeping this in mind it will help to make all sorts of educational resolution more successful in the end.

January 01, 2020