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How Elearning Solutions Can Be Used To Boost Employees’ Kpi?

June 01, 2022 news banner 226

eLearning platform can be a helpful tool not only to upskill your employees in terms of knowledge but also to meet a company’s objectives. In fact, when eLearning is used in conjunction with business goals, many research studies have indicated that companies reap profits. However, when we talk about business goals, we have to be specific and everything has to be based on KPIs. In other words, business goals, KPI, and eLearning training are interlinked to each other.

A look at what is KPI and its uses

 The term KPI stands for Key Performance indicator and it allows to understand the measure of an employee’s performance over a period of time. KPIs are closely related to a company’s goals, milestones, and an employee’s progress. It also allows us to understand the capability of employees to perform under certain conditions and how well they are able to manage the stress and take better decisions. 

Relationship between KPI and eLearning solutions

It is always a smart idea to create customized eLearning solutions as per the KPI which is related to the achievement of the specific goals. When you set eLearning training sessions based on KPIs, you would address particular issues related to the work process and increase productivity.

KPIs can also be related to revenue growth or sustainability. So based on the requirements related to targets or revenue growth or productivity, you can accordingly plan out e-Learning training sessions.

How eLearning can impact business KPIs?

There are many ways by which eLearning training can have a positive impact on your business KPIs, as explained below:

Increased efficiency of employees:

When effective eLearning training sessions are carried out, they result in increased knowledge and proficiency of the employees. The training sessions enhance an understanding of a working process and bring in competitiveness. 

Importantly, all the employees located in different parts of the world are able to upskill themselves as per the company goals. The knowledge upgrade of all employees again helps in increasing productivity and improving the skills of the employees. 

The upskilling and efficient working of each employee has a direct impact on KPIs.

Offering training to employees located at different corners of the world

One of the major benefits of opting for an e-learning training session is that it offers the flexibility of deployment in terms of allowing employees to work remotely or opt for hybrid working. This way you don’t have to worry about employees getting trained on time as the e-learning platform allows employees to access the course materials as and when they want. Thus, you can carry out the e-learning training on your schedule without giving a second thought to the location of the training session.

eLearning training platform facilitates consistency and teamwork and it is more adaptive and responsive to distant employees' demands. E-learning solutions enable enterprises with dispersed workforces to cooperate on broader learning and conversation.

The scope of eLearning material makes it especially appealing to international workforces. Face-to-face learning cannot produce a tailored experience that reaches millions of learners. This kind of flexibility, which only the eLearning platform allows, enables all the workforce to get trained on time and has a direct positive effect on employees’ KPI and productivity.

Benefits in terms of ROI

For both, your learners and your organization, an e-learning platform, like the one offered by VK Creative Learning (VKCL), is an investment that pays dividends in the long term. As is the case with every investment, it is vital to get the best possible return.

Your KPIs may improve if you invest in training for your team. It may assist in modifying future predictions by consolidating resources and future-proofing the organization with vastly better and coordinated employees. 

Similarly, the relatively decent cost of the eLearning platform increases the return. Its distant location minimizes expenditures related to physical training and supplies, enabling you to stretch your budget further.

Effective training yields both immediate and long-term benefits. In the near term, an increase in knowledge and abilities may result in a significant business-wide enhancement. With a revamp of employee dedication and alignment with business values, the potential for long-term profits is much higher.

User Engagement KPIs for training

It should come as no surprise that, typically, the more learners engage with the eLearning platform and interact with their peers, the better their performance would be. In consequence, the more user engagement, the more advantageous an eLearning LMS platform, as offered by VKCL, becomes for the learners, who are situated in different parts of the globe. 

According to studies, discussion forum performance is a significant indicator of a learner’s ability in understanding eLearning courses. In addition, the extent to which a learner participates in course discussions is a good indicator of the quality of their work. During discussion forums, learners can demonstrate their comprehension in a real-time, dynamic setting, which contributes to the effectiveness of LMS discussion forums in signaling performance and engagement.

Activity-based KPIs

eLearning platform, offered by VKCL, also offers user engagement indicators relate to user activity. Activity-based KPIs may be derived from the number of times a user logs into an LMS program, as well as whether that number is above or below the norm. For example, how frequently does the typical trainee go online, and how long do they stay online and go through the eLearning course materials? 

Using the reporting and analytics capabilities of VKCL, L&D managers and experts can readily access this data and provide actionable insight reports to boost user engagement. The gathered data may give insight into the ideal time and duration for learners to access learning. It may also help to gain an insight into the frequency with which they revisit the same information, areas they find difficult to understand, etc.

Understanding And Skill Retention

As a human, we tend to forget information that we don't use frequently. This is a common trait among all humans and it is our absolute capacity to forget knowledge if they remain unrevised. The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve illustrates how quickly we forget freshly acquired knowledge if it is not routinely reviewed or utilized.

We, at VKCL, continuously strive to make learning easy through our customized eLearning solutions that contain interesting and brief (bite-sized) content, which learners are made to go through frequently. The extent to which trainees remember the information and skills they acquire throughout training is a critical determinant of the effectiveness of the instruction and directly influences employees’ KPIs. It can often be quantified by comparing pre-training and post-training evaluations on an eLearning platform.

June 01, 2022