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How LMS Can Enhance Learning Through Efficient Group Discussions Platforms?

July 20, 2021 news banner 144

What is LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is the most crucial platform or a part of an e-learning solution. Instructors may use LMS to hold conversations, upload content, and display videos. Thus unless it exists, e-learning courseware may fail to make the desired impact.  However, the LMS should have various types of discussion platforms so that learners can interact and learn a concept easily.

How LMS can efficiently manage and increase collaboration?

LMS may store and distribute content in a number of forms. This would range from documents to multimedia animations and third-party apps. Professors and students can interact both synchronously and asynchronously using these tools. Students can also interact with their classmates.  This is achieved through communication between a local server and institute server  The LMS handles any server-related problems and sends a notification to the concerned department or person immediately. Hence the learning of the learners is not affected due to any glitch in an e-learning solution.

Essential in-built features of an eLearning solution's LMS:

The best LMS of e-learning solutions would entail the following features:

  •  Analytical tools for carrying out progress analysis
  •  Facility to submit an assignment
  •   Forum platform for discussion among teachers and students
  •   File upload/download capacity 
  •   Messages sending notification
  •   The calendar to note down various tasks
  •   Online announcements and news. This can be regarding news based on the institution and course level.
  •   Quiz on the internet
  •   Wiki Widgets that allow for social network connections

Discussion forum types required in e-learning solution’s LMS platform:

An e-learning solution should contain the following types of discussion forums to make it successful and hit among the users

  •     Pages for discussion: Threaded conversations are possible in LMS discussion pages. They're great for addressing general class questions, enabling students to meet, or have a class debate on a subject. The discussion board may be connected to the grade book in certain LMS. 
  •    Discussion threads that allow users to follow and discuss a topic: Threaded conversations that enable a user to follow a certain topic or thread are crucial in e-learning courseware. In small courses, they play a vital role. Also, note that when a thread has too many notes, students find them boring, and genuine conversation is stifled.
  •   Chat rooms where the learners can talk and discuss their learning problems: Chat rooms are ideal. They can help the learners to enhance their knowledge skills when they discuss with co-learners.  The learners know they can walk in at any time and find their instructor and ask a doubt. The learners are aware that they would receive a quick response to an issue in a chat room.
  •   Group Pages: Group pages are places where students may connect with a specific group of peers, exchange files, and collaborate. Normally, the professor is responsible for forming the groups and granting access to the appropriate pupils. They also have access to a private discussion board, a private e-mail account, and a private or group file-sharing platform.  These are very helpful for establishing collaborative projects in online courses.

To sum up, LMS needs to integrate all essential discussion platforms in an e-learning solution. This would boost the learner’s knowledge and capabilities. Also, e-learning solutions would also be a successful product owing to the same reasons. So, you can evaluate an e-learning company in India based on the integration of discussion platforms. 

July 20, 2021